Hello From St. Louis


I’m sorry for my lack of updates on Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook lately but I’ve been busy. Busy enjoying a little time away. I’ve visited the arch already & today I’m going to the Delmar loop for some shopping & later we check into our hotel to get ready for the wedding.

Have you been to St. Louis before? Any suggestions on what to do? I will have lots more updates when I get back. I’m also going to be working on a HUGE Christmas issue for The “Fast” Horse Resource for December featuring lots of stores & retail shopping suggestions, I’m looking forward to it!

I will have more photos for you later!

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8 comments on “Hello From St. Louis
  1. Ashley says:

    Hope you’re having a great time! Can’t wait to see more pics!

  2. grace says:

    Oh nice picture! Looking forward to seeing more of your trip. Ps. Are you a blonde now? Did I miss something??

    • Raquel says:

      Thanks Grace! Yes, I am back to blonde ; ) I wanted to get all of the red out of my hair & we have been slowing taking it all out. Red is so hard to get out once you put it in but I’m going back to my roots should I say ; )

  3. Fanny says:

    enjoy your stay and show us pictures from your purchases 😉 x

  4. tracy says:

    So happy that you are having so much fun while you are in St. Louis. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

  5. Amy Witt says:

    You’re pics are fabulous!
    Hope you are having a great time!!!

  6. Jo says:

    Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment
    Love the coat

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

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