Hiking Adventures & Being Prepared with Mango

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Mango the Pom with Pup & Peep's Road Combo Pack

Mango goes everywhere with me. She’s ALWAYS ready to get in the car and go somewhere new. MANGO rarely gets left home alone. Since Adam and I both work from home, this little dog might spend 5 hours home alone a week. Yes, she’s spoiled. I try to explain to her that most dogs spend 8-9 hours alone each day. Her thoughts, But I’m not a dog, I’m your best friend.

When it comes to packing for adventures, Mango doesn’t. Luckily Get Ready Now’s Pups & Peeps Road Combo Pack has everything we need for when the unexpected happens out on the road. The Get Ready Now’s Pups & Peeps Road Combo Pack is unlike any other vehicle accessory or travel and outdoor essential on the market.  The packs are waterproof,  clear and the gear and supplies are ready to use with batteries installed.  When time is of the essence, having everything ready to use makes all the difference!

The combo pack contains a heavy-duty leash, a water bowl, poop bags, and a water resistant red spotlight to light up your dog’s collar. For the people in the car, there is first aid, a headlamp with batteries, a seat belt cutter & windshield breaker, a stainless steel multipurpose tool and so much more.

Mango the Pomeranian. Find her on Instagram @thehappiestpom

Ready, set, lets hike! Mango is always so excited to start on a new trail.

Mango the Pomeranian. Find her on Instagram @thehappiestpom

Of course she does enjoy plenty of breaks along the way.

Trotting along on the trail with Mango

These tiny little legs can keep up when they want to.

Water break with a collapsible bowl

Almost to the top! Water break time. This is the collapsable bowl from the Pups & Peeps Road Combo Pack. Keeping your pup hydrated is a must, especially on warm days.

Mango the Pomeranian makes it to the top of the hill

We did it! Now who is carrying me down this hill?

Get Ready Now’s Pups & Peeps Road Combo Pack

Get Ready Now’s Pups & Peeps Road Combo Pack is perfect for leaving in your car’s trunk. If you forget something for your pet, it’s okay because it’s probably in here. Other vehicle kits provide tools to take care of the car – not yourself and your dog!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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4 comments on “Hiking Adventures & Being Prepared with Mango
  1. AK says:

    OMG so cute!!!

  2. Lisa Stege says:

    Hi Raquel, I have been a subscriber for a few years now, and I’m delighted to see that you have moved into my NEIGHborhood! I would just like to caution you about coyotes in the park. They can snatch a dog very quickly, and they are around at all hours. There is a device I purchased when the coyotes were strolling through Martinez arena when I had the horses turned loose in there. Very bold, these coyotes! The device is a plastic “gun” called “Scram Patrol”, used to repel dogs. It would, of course, upset Mango, but if you had her on a leash, she could not run off, and it would repel the coyotes. It makes a sound that is inaudible to people, but is repellent to canines. Best of luck! Hope to meet you on the trail one day.

    • Raquel says:

      Hi Lisa! I’m loving living in the Rancho and being a part of this equestrian community. Thanks for the heads up about the coyotes. I’ve heard they are fearless and we always keep a close watch on Mango. A lot of times she is next to us or being carried. Happy riding and hopefully we run into each other!

  3. Lisa Stege says:

    Hi again, Raquel.
    Just in case, you might consider carrying a stick of some kind, or, i know this may sound a bit weird, but a friend of mine has hiked in the park for years. She now carries a lightweight cattle prod, because her dog was attacked by an off-leash dog.
    Take care,

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