Holiday Platinum Twisted Bit Clutch Giveaway

Platinum Bit ClutchSomething about the holidays makes us want to shine a little bit brighter. The Platinum Twisted Bit Clutch by Rebecca Ray Designs is the perfect little clutch to take you to all the parties. It’s exclusively available for 2014 and features soft platinum leather and a twisted snaffle.

It’s available in two sizes, small and large retailing between $350.00 and $500. I’ve teamed up with Rebecca to giveaway either the small or large clutch with the black stripe pictured above. Enter for a chance to win in the widget below. You do not have to do all of the entries but the more entries you get the better your chances of winning become.

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Be sure to check out the latest Stable Style feature on Rebecca’s tack room right here.

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22 comments on “Holiday Platinum Twisted Bit Clutch Giveaway
  1. Deana Kneen says:

    It is very similar! Love that!

  2. Tracy says:


  3. merp says:

    obsessed with this clutch! i love winter white! (and the twisted bit of course) 🙂

  4. rebekah says:

    cute clutch!

  5. NC Cowgirl says:

    I haven’t really thought through how my dream barn would look but I know I def want my dream barn to have a theraplate and water treadmill!

  6. Amber Rhodes says:

    Gorgeous clutch! Definitely entering your comp!

  7. Ravntaz says:

    I’d Love a log cabin like barn, with a sprinkler system and heat and of course, as beautiful inside as out!

  8. Lila Levy says:

    Love the clutch!

  9. StarRide12 says:

    Beautiful, timeless clutch. It is definitely a must have and on my Xmas list. Anything equestrian always brings a smile to my face. My dream is to convert a barn with old stone base into my home.

  10. Kim Schmittendorf says:

    Beautiful clutch!

  11. The Charming Farmer says:

    I have a barn that I am currently working on – I would love a stall big enough for my big guy, safe, and comfy.

  12. Debbie says:

    I would love to have property with a barn so my family could help rescue horses. The clutch is beautiful, would love to win it!

  13. Kelly C says:

    Dream Barn – Fully enclosed (doors and windows that open obviously) 🙂 with a tack room that is incredibly stocked and organized!

  14. Sarah Schmidt-Micola says:

    Would love a log cabin style barn and indoor ring.

  15. Evie Walker says:

    My dream tack room would be twice the size it is now, with room for a comfy couch and all tack to be hung on it’s on bracket! lol! Mine is combined as feed/tack and we do alright, just would love to have room, nothing fancy as that’s not me 😉

  16. Christy says:

    I love the gold fixtures in Rebecca Ray’s tack room. I would love to have a tack room that doesn’t necessarily look like a tack room but more like art, that’s what Rebecca’s reminds me of. Tack is really pretty and I like the idea of having a nice polished room to store tack.

  17. Rust says:

    Open and airy with cozy office and living quarters.

  18. hofken says:

    Warm, inviting and functional.

  19. Nova Manske Conover says:

    it would have a nice comfy place to rest before or after a ride; it would have a place for refreshments; it would have a nice organized style that adds an artistic flair; and it would be warm & inviting.

  20. Erin Wheeler says:

    White barn with black trim and Rebecca’s backroom. 😉

  21. DJ says:

    nice clutch!

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