Home Decor: Glittery Bits

glittery gold horse bit and statueIncorporating bits & pieces of equestrian decor into your home, no pun intended has been done for years & years. I just started creating these glittery bits & I could not be more excited! They give an old bit a modern & polished look with a lot of sparkle & come in gold & silver – framed or unframed. To order just contact me!

I wanted to show I styled one – They look great laying down flat.

glittery gold horse bit in a frameOr hung up on a wall, don’t worry this is level but I decided last night that I need to invest in a tripod so I can take a level photo.

And they make a perfect back drop for a shelf!

I encourage you to try making your own to add some sparkle.

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2 comments on “Home Decor: Glittery Bits
  1. Great Idea! I have tons of old bits but I just can’t bring myself to do anything with them. I feel like I might use them again one day.

  2. Weekend Cowgirl says:


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