Horse Print Backpacks


Stylish and chic horse print backpacks from Adi Amitay. 

Pink horse print backpack

Backpacks have become the perfect replacement for oversized handbags and offer a lot of function. Many months ago I featured elegant equestrian print accessories by Adi Amitay. Adi recently introduced two new beautiful backpacks to her  equestrian bag collection. If you are looking for a modern backpack to show off your love of horses, look no further.

Shop the bags on Etsy > 

Pink leather horse print backpackThe pink leather horse print backpack features a soft blush pink leather, gold zippers, and hardware. The print is modern and fresh for the barn or city.

Horse print black backpackThe black backpack features gold hardware and a vintage inspired horse print.


Horse print backpack and accessorriesHere is the black backpack with a few other matching accessories.

Shop the bags on Etsy > 


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2 comments on “Horse Print Backpacks
  1. NC Cowgirl says:

    Very cute the phone cases too. If only I wasn’t a cheapo, I’d own them all lol.

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