Did you know this was supposed to be my “day off”? Did you also know that “day off” translates to catch up on all of the other stuff I never have time to do? Like for instance updating the WordPress theme on this blog… which led to creating a child theme (which I did wrong), which led to major font, color & other disasters that ended up on the blog this morning. I’m sorry if you stopped by earlier & witnessed that mess. Phew, I’m glad it is over!

It’s old news that I’m on Instagram (horsesandheels_) but I’m going to share some of my Instagram photos & “quickly” summarize my week.

I’m in a decorating mood. I’m slowly replacing all of the hangers in my closet with nice wooden ones, then I’m going to stencil them this fall.

New to my closet is this fabulous wire mannequin. I also really, really, really want a sheepskin rug now too, add that one to my to purchase list!

Tina got more new tack!!! I can’t keep up with her at this point.

Horses & Heels tee shirts are coming soon! I have two styles, English & Western.

Langston’s Western Wear has a helpful “How to style your cowboy boots” section & I am so happy to be featured! Check it out here.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I’m off & running!

  • Loving the photos. When the horse has a better closet than I do. Sad moment. HAHA! I recently updated my closet with new hangers, but I used those thin velvet ones . . . forgot what they are called. They are suppose to help give you more room. I like the wire mannequin. Very cool. I so need a bigger house.
    I want to create a t-shirt line too. My to-do list is so long. *sighs*

    Congrats on being featured.

  • Love your boots in the first picture.

    I know how you feel about days off. That is always how my days off are too. And on the weekends I always feel like I am scrambling everywhere trying to get errands done. I also work from home most Thursdays, which most of the time I question whether it is a good idea or not because in addition to my work I try to multi-task and get as much done at home as possible too.

    I love your wooden hangars. That is definitely something I need to start doing too.

  • Marti

    Loving all the bling on Tina’s new tack also great idea to stencil your wooden hangers look forward to seeing them when you’re done.

  • hey!

    just had to say that i love the dress and boots in the photos! style icon!