Horseshoe Love: Marley&Alfie

Custom serape ombre horseshoes

Rustic worn horseshoes and yarn meet to make modern horseshoe decor. I have a big crush on Marley&Alfie‘s colorful yarn wrapped horseshoes. I first spotted these pretty horseshoes while shopping in Burro, one of my shops on Abbot Kinney. Visit Marley&Alfie’s Etsy shop online to see more.

Pantoned lucky yarned horseshoe The horseshoes mainly feature colorful yarn in serape patterns. Buy something pre-made from the shop or pick out custom colors for a personalized horseshoe.

Mini serape yarned horseshoe

Look at the mini horseshoe, how cute!

Lucky yarn wrapped pom pom horseshoe

Pom poms anyone? Cindy officially launched Marley&Alfie in 2014 after finding her first lucky horseshoe in 2013 at an estate sale.

Serape horseshoes

Be sure to visit Marley&Alfie online to see more!

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