I Have a Crush: Fabulous Fringe High Heels

I love a good pair of fringe heels. Fringe is on trend with the mainstream fashion world right now and I can’t get enough of it. As a girl who is influenced by western style and design, fringe will always resonate with me. Fringe jackets, handbags, outfits and cowboy boots are a part of western culture. Rodeo queens, outlaws, and modern cowgirls all rock the fringe. Just take a look on Instagram and search for #cowgirlfashion to see tons of beautiful outfits and western inspiration. I’m constantly looking at other fashionistas to see what they are wearing and the looks I love always involve fringe.

I have to be honest that most of my closest is filled with cowboy boots of all styles and brands. I have Lucchese, Anderson Bean, Rios Of Mercedes, Corral, Lane Boots, Tecovas boots, Macie Bean, Ariat, and probably more brands that I’m forgetting. I stuff my boots in the closets and decorate our Silver Lake apartment with cowboy boots. Nothing makes a good shelfie like a pair of boots styled with books, cacti, and unique objects. The heel department is something I’m lacking in, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not obsessed with good footwear. I would wear any and all of these shoes in a heart beat.

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Meet My Favorite Fringe Heels

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite high fashion heels for you to drool over with me right now. I always invest in shoes, bags, and accessories – so don’t shy away from some of these price points.

Leather and suede high-heeled shoes get dressed up with the addition of fringe. A plain heel goes from ordinary to extraordinary with the addition of fringe. I love it when you see a tassel in an unexpected place like the around the ankle or coming from the heels. You can shop for any of these fabulous fringe heels by simply clicking on the shoe.

Cowgirls and Heels

Of course, other cowgirls like to stand tall, too, and who says they can’t wear heels. One of the most famous country singers of all time, Dolly Parton, has made a career of standing tall in her heels. Parton is a teensy 5 feet, and she confesses she wears her heels even around the house to boost her height. Some rumors have reported that she wears them in the shower, which she refutes, but she does admit to needing them on to reach her kitchen cupboards.

Other country singers that look glamorous in high-heeled fashion include Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, and Tayler Swift. Even cowgirls will add a few inches to their height by fashioning shoes or boots with 3-to-4-inch heels. These women are still proud to be country, there’s no doubt about it, but they add a little city flair to their style that makes them more beautiful than they already are. When you see her in her beautiful dress and shoes, you cease to wonder how Faith Hill landed Tim McGraw.

What’s even better is you can still be a cowgirl through and through, even if you do wear heels. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that cowgirls don’t wear heels or that you have to only wear a certain look to be considered a cowgirl. Nothing gets on my nerves like other women putting someone down because the way they dress and judging them by their look.

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