Kacey for Lucchese Cowboy Boots


The Kacey for Lucchese cowboy boot collection is making its debut! 

Kacey for Lucchese Cowboy Boot Collection

I love a good pair of cowboy boots and I love a good collaboration even more. I’ve been following Kacey Musgraves and Lucchese on Instagram for a while and was so excited to see this new collection. The Kacey for Lucchese boots are now available for pre-order through October 12th. The collection officially launches November 1, 2015 and those who order now will receive their boots first.

There are currently four styles available for pre-order with promises of more boot designs in the works. Kacey Musgraves is a native Texan and the perfect fit for this fun collaboration with Lucchese. I have seen quite a few comments on Instagram saying the boots aren’t affordable, but trust me – for a Lucchese boot these are affordable! As a boot lover, I tend to get scared of boots priced under $200 or $300 and question their quality. Do I have to save sometimes, yes! Is it worth it, absolutely!

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Gallop Kacey for Lucchese Bridle Brown Cowboy BootsUp first are the Gallop boots in Bridle Brown; they have a beautiful shape, three-inch heels and fourteen inch shafts. The boots are made out of nubuck and have fun fringe details. Nubuck is top grain leather which has been buffed on the grain side to produce short fibers and a soft surface. Nubuck is very similar to suede but is made with the outer hide of the skin verses the inner hide which suede comes from.

Gallop Kacey for Lucchese Dusty Pink Cowboy BootsMy favorite pair from the collection are the Gallop boots in Dusty Pink. The outfit possibilities for these boots are endless!!! Golden Arrow Kacey for Lucchese Cowboy BootsThe Golden Arrow boot has a retro vibe and design, it does remind me of of earlier boot designs. For example, this pair of Stallion boots looks just like them. Monterrey Kacey for Lucchese Cowboy BootsThese are the short and sweet Monterrey boots, they have a nice pop of color and are extremely versatile.

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  1. NC Cowgirl says:

    The fringe boots are cute!

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