Kippy Buffalo Rose Cowboy Boots
Now are a pair of boots that are guaranteed to make you smile, in fact jaw dropping is probably a more accurate description. These Kippy Buffalo Rose cowboy boots combine swarovski crystals with an amazing design. They are available at Blue Ridge Rags .

I think I dreamed about owning these boots last night & I may or may not have made them my desktop background. Would you wear these boots or is there just too much sparkle for you?

4 comments on “Kippy Buffalo Rose Cowboy Boots
  1. Fanny says:

    for me it is too much because i am too classic. but I would like to see you wearing them x

  2. grace says:

    Oh these are cute but I think it takes a bold person to pull them off! I've always thought cowboy(girl) boots were adorable but I live in NJ so I don't think I can pull it off 🙁 I've never even ridden a horse other than at my 4th birthday party when my parents rented a pony. Please don't judge me!

  3. Raquel says:

    @Fanny yes they are very bold!

    @Grace awww no judgement here! I think you can wear cowboy boots anywhere, or at least I do. I have worn mine to the airport many times & gotten so many compliments & a few blank stares too lol.

  4. grace says:

    Hmm…maybe this year, I'll get my first pair!

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