Landoll’s Mohican Castle

I’m back to reality after having a much needed break & wonderful weekend at Landoll’s Mohican Castle. I’m going to let the photos do the talking since I’m still in vacation mode.


The suite was amazing, this bed gave me one of the best nights of sleep in my life.


The heated Italian tiles in the bathroom… an unnecessary but amazing touch.

A view off of the deck from our suite.

Approaching the castle.

Another thought… why do you always feel so exhausted after relaxing or vacation? I need a nap.

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7 comments on “Landoll’s Mohican Castle
  1. Beth says:

    Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!

  2. Crystal Cattle says:

    Where is this castle. It is awesome.

  3. Raquel says:

    Crystal – it is in Southern OH in Mohican Valley : ) It's a huge park, camping, canoeing, & hiking area as well

  4. kitty says:

    my boyfriend just emailed the castle’s website to me…its gonna be my christmas present 😀

  5. Matt McGeary says:

    What suite did you stay in? Was it the landoll suite? It says it has a jacuzzi tub but is ita1 person or 2?

    • Raquel Lynn says:

      I have visited three times total, the Landoll was always booked so I never stayed in it. I stayed in Thering and Miller suites – the jacuzzi tubs in both were only one person. But the last time we booked the highland suites with an outdoor double jacuzzi. That was my favorite, we visited in the winter and watched the snow fall from in the tub.

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