Lane Boots Poison in Cognac

Lane Boots Poison CognacLane Boots in Poison are such a pretty pair, I have them in brown but seeing them in Cognac makes me want some more. I could definitely apply the “If the boot fits, buy every color” rule here. They feature a chocolate floral inlay & beautiful cognac leather. You can buy them directly from Lane Boots & they would make a great addition to your fall wardrobe.

Lane Poison Cognac Cowboy BootsThe world needs more cognac, right?

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One comment on “Lane Boots Poison in Cognac
  1. Frenchi says:

    These are the most beautiful boots I have ever seen! I’m a big city girl from Montreal, Quebec living in Los Angeles, and it would be frowned upon to wear anything this western looking if I wasn’t attending a costume party. In my next life I want to come back as a Texas farmer’s daughter who is REQUIRED to wear all colors and styles of cowboy boots! P.S. just saw your recipe for bacon & Brussels sprouts pizza on Tasty Kitchen, via Pioneer Woman’s website, where I found a mention of your website…LOVE IT ALL! Keep it coming

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