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Happy October 1st! It’s count down to Quarter Horse Congress & a month until I leave for St. Louis. I would like to introduce you to October’s Store of the Month; Lather & Lace. If you aren’t familiar with L & L, then I can guarantee that you will be very familiar with Lori’s products by the time the month is over.

Lather & Lace was founded in 2009 by Lori, she had already had lots of experience with making soaps previously. Lori is all about making a fun & practical product. Each week, I will add additional photos & information on skin care & product choices. Lori has an abundance of knowledge when it comes to soaps, cremes & scents. We had a wonderful chat this morning & I learned more then I ever knew about skin products even before Lori had her morning coffee. I was impressed!

Did I mention that each week you have a chance to win Lather & Lace store credit? Yep, to enter just comment below & you have a chance to win $10.00 to go shopping with. A random winner will be chosen next Saturday, October 8th.

This is Boot Scrubbin’ Boogie – Adorable, check. Infused with coffee, check. Leaves your skin soft & smooth, check. I’ve used this boot & I’m a believer.

Fact I learned from Lori today – avoid lotions that have alcohol listed as an ingredient, it dries out your skin.

Stay tuned for more on skin care & more store credit next week!

Welcome back to another week of skin care tips! Congrats again to Joanne Lord for winning $10.00 in store credit for shopping at Lather & Lace. This week, comment below to win $25.00 in store credit. If you have already commented, then you are automatically entered to win!

How many of you know the difference between Fragrance & Essential oils? I didn’t & I’m about to give you some answers, thanks to Lori. The truth is we all want to smell good & are attracted to nice smelling products.

Fragrance Oil – These oils are a mix of chemical components, a blend of natural & synthetic products. The combinations can be used to make up a scent that smells exactly like a strawberry, or someone’s version of what a strawberry should smell like. Also think about all of the fragrances you hear of that are not real. A scent called “Ocean Breeze” is guaranteed to be a fragrance oil because there are chemical components used to create it. If you have really sensitive skin, fragrance oils are not always a good choice for you because certain chemicals used could irritate your skin.

Essential Oil – Essential oils are natural, they contain “essence of a plant”. All flowers, fruits, spices, herbs & barks that contain a scent are extracted by distillation to capture the oil or scent. Essential oils can also be much more costly than fragrance oils because it can take hundreds of pounds of plant material to make just one pound of essential oil. Another thing that surprised me is just because the oil is natural doesn’t mean your skin won’t have a bad reaction to it, sensitive skin is, well sensitive & still can be bothered by essential oils.

See the differences?

Lather & Lace has lots of scents – check them out here. Lori has noted next to them which type of fragrance each one is.

You can get Shea’m on Me in just about any scent choice that you would like & it works great to keep your skin hydrated, especially after using Boot Scrubbin Boogie.

Remember to comment below if you haven’t already to be enter to win $25 in store credit for shopping at Lather & Lace. A new winner will be chosen October 15, 2011.

 Ready to talk moisturizers? It’s a new week filled with new updates & MORE store credit up for grabs. 

I will do my best to translate all of Lori’s wonderful information into my own words; she has a wealth of knowledge so if I don’t cover something then you can always reach out to Lori. Starting with the basics; your skin is your body’s largest organ & absorbs the products you put on it so quality is extremely important. The ingredients are going to eventually end up in your body. Hydrated skin does a better job absorbing moisturizers so make sure while you apply lotion & crème that you exfoliate, add a little Boot Scrubbin Boogie to your life as well.

For some people this time of year is when you will start to notice that your skin is becoming drier & could potentially start flaking or cracking. It could be because of the dryness in the air or increased hand washing.

There are a variety of levels when it comes to moisturizing & different parts of your body have different needs. Lori uses 2-3 different moisturizers a day & sometimes a fourth one. Why & where you ask?

  1. Face & neck
  2. Arms & legs & “trunk” of your body
  3. Hands
  4. Feet

Each body part needs to be treated differently. Lets go over some of the products L & L has to offer & what they do. We are starting with the lightest & going to the heaviest.

Winning Hands Body Milk – This moisturizer is L & L’s lightest. It’s great to have in your purse or use as an every day moisturizer because it absorbs quickly & leaves no residue behind. Key ingredients are cocoa butter, shea butter & sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is safe & beneficial for using on infants or young children.

Honky Tonk Hide’Ration – This crème is a great hydrator for all over your body -below the neck to your ankles. Key ingredients include cocoa & shea butters, virgin coconut oil, vitamin E, water, glycerin & emulsifiers. An emulsifier is something that can hold water & oil together. The crème contains emulsifying waxes & soy wax to keep the crème with you even after exposure to water.  “The Virgin Fractionated Coconut Oil shares the stage with Jojoba Oil as being the closest to your skin’s own natural SEBUM which makes it EASILY absorbed. Sebum is an oily waxy substance that is produced everywhere on your skin except your palms and your feet (we will come back to this point later!) Fractionated Coconut Oil is also FULLY metabolized by the skin, which means no toxic build up.” – Those were Lori’s exact words because I couldn’t think of a better way to say it & didn’t want to leave out anything important.

Shea’mon Me – Wow, I love the story behind how this is made. Pure Shea Butter is put in the old Kitchen Aid and put on whip for a minimum of 2 hours.  Lori adds a few secret ingredients and lets it spin for hours. It does not block your pores, which allows the skin to keep breathing. Shea butter can cure a variety of skin problems, peeling, stretch marks, minor burns, skin cracks, rashes (including diaper rash), reduces blemishes & scarring. The list goes on, just ask Lori.

Leave The Rough For Ridin’  – This is L & L’s most concentrated balm. It’s great for heels, elbows or other spots that are prone to super dry skin. Try exfoliating & then applying this balm while your skin is still warm. Key ingredients include beeswax and coca butter, just a little bit goes a long way.

Now, those are all of L & L’s moisturizers but if you noticed, there wasn’t anything listed for face care. That is about to change, within the next two weeks L & L will introduce Turn Back Time, a new product line made specifically for your face.

Whew… that was a lot of good information that I just gave you. Soak it in & remember if you have more questions just ask. Oh & of course… this week comment to win $75.00 in store credit. If you have already commented please re-comment to enter for this week. You certainly can get a lot of products for $75.00. A winner will be announced next Saturday, October 22, 2011.


This is the last week & update from Lather & Lace! I decided to show you some of the custom work that Lori can make for you for parties, showers, & weddings. She can basically make anything upon request. I will let the photos do the talking though.

Can I say yum?? Dessert looking soaps that I want to eat!

For those of you who love Texas… how about Texas soap?

Party bags? Yes Lori can do those.

Oh & party favors? Try putting your adorable pie & cake shaped soaps in these adorable boxes.

So keep Lather & Lace in mind for your future events! This is the last week of updates so I leave you with one last AMAZING giveaway. Win $100.00 in store credit from Lather & Lace. Just comment below, if you have already commented you must recomment to be entered for the $100.00. I will pick a winner next Saturday, October 29, 2011 while I’m at Quarter Horse Congress : ) Good luck & thanks for playing along & reading every week.


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69 comments on “Lather & Lace ~ Store of the Month
  1. Joanne Lord says:

    I love Lori’s products! I have been using them for a while now. I will use nothing but her soaps and lotions. Joanne

  2. chrissie says:

    What Lori does with skin products is fabulous! Her creativity coupled with her knowledge of what your skin needs never cease to amaze me.

  3. Yolanda says:

    I can’t wait to get some soaps ordered for the Holidays. Looks like I like more than just the soap though! 🙂

  4. Janet LeLeux says:

    I’ve always been interested in anyone promoting healthy and smart skin care. Keep us posted. With holidays coming, good gift ideas. Thank yo u.

  5. Lisa Kasper says:

    Hello, my hame is Lisa, and I’m a Lather&Lace-aholic. I have almost every product they sell, and almost every scent they offer. Lori even made a special scent just for me when I asked for something sweet and creamy… I now have it in a glycerin soap and Honky Tonk Hide’ration! Heavenly!

    Lori’s products are healthy and real… They smell good and are good for you too. They come in that amazing packaging, and they make my “packaging” look, feel, and smell amazing too!

    I have purchased various scented products for gifts for my coworkers, which I don’t normally do. Thank you Horses & Heels for shining a light on Lather&Lace… what a great combo!

  6. Chanelle says:

    Her products sound amazing but how do they fare on sensitive skin? Most lotions/soaps with scents will just kill my skin.

  7. Vanesa Díaz says:

    i would like to try also!


  8. lori says:

    I’d like to add to Raquel’s amazing transleation of my gobbledigook! I note the essential oils used and really, have weeded through the EO family to choose the oils that are not only not only not sensitizing, but they HELP sensitive skin. I always recommend writing or calling if you are not sure. I’ve just convinced myself of the need for a blog. Cinnamon tends to be sensitive to your skin. Using Essential Oils without a carrier oil (diluted) is sensitizing.
    Chanelle, I recommend calling me for a skin discussion. My four kids (20-31) all use my products but they have very different needs in terms of the products they can use.
    I’d love to help!

  9. Kim Miller says:

    Honky Tonk Hide Ration ROCKS !!!!!! If you haven’t tried it you are just ALL DRIED OUT !!!! Bahahahahaha

  10. Jordan Brown says:

    Would love to try something!

  11. Ashley says:

    Add me to the contest list! I’d love to try out L&L products!

  12. Stacie says:

    I would love to try the Honky Tonk Hide Ration….with a name like that it just screams try me lol!!

  13. Brandy says:

    Sign me up! I’ve never tried L&L, but their products look so darn good!

  14. Melody says:

    I’m placing my first order in the morning and I can’t wait. Lori was so helpful with answering my endless questions

  15. Savannah Copley says:

    What great information with the lotion and alcohol! I had no clue! My skin stays dried out year round, and your product sounds like a great solution for this! :))

  16. Emma Kluge says:

    I would love to try these products… and they would look so lovely in my house 🙂

  17. Amy says:

    Me? ….A Leather & Lace virgin…guiltyyy!!! <3 I would LOVE to try out these fabulous yummy products! Add me to the contest list please! Thanks! <3

  18. Kayla says:

    Im so happy I came across this! These look like theyd made GREAT stocking stuffers!

  19. Amanda register says:

    I can’t wait to try some of the soaps!

  20. Melinda O'Grady says:

    I love their soaps. Lets hope i win some more!

  21. Audrey Ann says:

    Wow i sure hope i win but if not i may add this stuff to my wish list ! haha

  22. Lindsae Bryant says:

    Just received my latest shipment of Honky Tonk Hide’ration and I’m so excited about my new Almond Joy scent!!!!

  23. Kim Miller says:

    Would like to try some different scents …Love this stuff !!!!

  24. Julie Bowman says:

    I would love, love, love to try out some L&L products. I have been considering ordering something to try. Please enter me in your contest. My body could sure use some hydration! 🙂

  25. Melody says:

    Just placed my first order and I’m waiting for it to arrive. I would love to be able to order more. Lori is a great person to work with she answered all my questions. Thanks you Lori!!!

  26. Lindsey Brch says:

    Love your age and so glad I found it. Will deffinatley be a follower now!

  27. Brandy says:

    I would love to win some Lather & Lace! Winter is fast approaching up here and that means it’s time to get hydrated!

  28. Amanda register says:

    Im dieing to try winning hands body milk, my hands are so so dry!

  29. carole says:

    I’ve heard of your products but its hard for me to buy them since I’m unemploed and so I’m on a strict budget, but i have friends that I’ve told them about you and I hope they have tried your products. Hopefully maybe for Christmas presents!

  30. yolanda says:

    My Santa list is getting longer and longer. I can’t wait to try the one that looks yummy enough to eat!!

  31. darla says:

    I would def. love to have some of Lather & Lace’s soaps…gonna have to break down and buy me some 😉

  32. Dena says:

    Leather & Lace sounds amazing…I would love to win so I can try it out!!! I am up for anything that smells yummy!!

  33. Ashley says:

    Mark me down again! I’d love to win some Lather & Lace products 🙂

  34. Joanne Lord says:

    There is nothing better than taking a shower with Sweet and Sassy soap then lathering on some Sweet and Sassy hydration then you must give a few mists of Sweet and Sassy Moonshine Mist. Then because you are smelling oh so Sassy go out and have fun with your horse. Because Lather and Lace takes you from Saddle to Sassy. 🙂 Joanne

  35. Caitlin Heller says:

    Can’t wait to try Lather and Lace!

  36. Emily says:

    I’d LOVE to win the credit, cause as of right now I’m scrubbing the dirt off the old hide with a nasty bar of dial soap! LOL

  37. Brianna says:

    Hi Lori, im new to leather n lace I would love to try your products, do you have any samples??

  38. Natalie Stoppani says:

    I LOVE Lori’s Products. My favorite is her award winning hand lotion in a mason jar. My favorite scent so far is “Cool as a Cowgirl” Excellent mixture of mint and lavender. Love love love her stuff.

  39. dena maddison says:

    I have not tried Leather & Lace, but would really love to!!!! It sounds like they smell yummy!! 🙂

  40. Joanne Lord says:

    You could not have had a better store for Store of the Month. Thank you Horses & Heels for a great site and thanks Lori for a awesome store in Lather and Lace. You are the best! Joanne

  41. Kayla Goe says:

    Let me tell you how much I LOVE Lather & Lace. About 2 months my 4 yr old daughter had a severe allergic reaction to some earrings. The only body part REALLY affected were her hands. They swelled, turned bright cherry red, cracked and the skin literally split from the fever and swelling. We took her to our local ER and the dr there told us to put Eucerin lotion on her hands. We did, but she cried and said it “burned.” It got so bad that we finally had to only put it on there minimally and only when her hands were so dry they were flaking. ( She wouldn’t let us even try otherwise.) So about a month ago, I had ordered me some Shea’m on me lotion from Lori. I ordered Bourbon vanilla and loved the scent immediately! Heaven! But also in my box was a smaller sample of “fresh” and it too smelled wonderful!

    When I got home that afternoon, I had my daughter put some on her hands to see how it felt and if it was going to “burn.” Ya’ll, not only did it not burn but she actually ASKS for it now as soon as her hands start to get dry!! It’s wonderful! Not only does it smell delicious, but it has helped SO much more than even the dr prescribed Eucerin! It’s not a fight but more of a “Mommy, my hands hurt, can I have some Shea’m?” Haha it’s funny but wonderful too! I’d love to win a shopping spree to not only get more Shea’m my daughter, but a few more things for me! haha she’s as addicted as mom! 🙂 But to add some extra icing to this, the lotion that I wear, the bourbon vanilla, actually caused my husband to stop me and ASK me what I was wearing!! He hasn’t noticed anything like that in over 6 years!! 🙂 I LOVE Lather & Lace and so does my whole my family!! 🙂 Can’t wait to try some more scents!!

  42. Amanda register says:

    Im still waiting for my chance to try some amazing products 🙂

  43. Ashley says:

    Maybe this will be my lucky comment 😉

  44. Bridget Kurtenbach says:

    Her products are so fun. I love the dessert stuff – it looks yummy. And the L&L logo is really chic. Such fun stuff. 🙂

  45. Amy says:

    I would LOVE to try me some Lather & Lace products…they look absolutely wonderful!!! <3

  46. Charlotte Stein says:

    I just got my first order of stuff. Mmmmm. It smells good and usually anything scented or perfumed sends triggers mild asthamtic attacks and major migraines. Well after five minutes of my nose buried in tack room and indigo girl I’m fine.

  47. Melody says:

    So I just got my first order and it smells great!!! I’m also becoming a huge fan of this blog, Raquel I love reading the info that you put out also waiting for mu husband to get home so I can try some of the recipes you have on here!
    Lori has been a great help for me. With trying to figure out what would be best to help me reduce my scars.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  48. Kymber Miller says:

    Having a rare, genetic skin disorder- I am allergic to Life!! Lather and Lace’s products are created with Lori’s own magical hands and a listening heart. She has schooled me on the difference between Essential Oils vs Fragrances.
    HonkyTonk Hydration has softened areas of my skin that felt like a turtle’s shell for years.
    Lori’s new face products are amazing. The eye cream works immediately and I am addicted to the Geranium Rose Mist. Great for after cleansing and then on those rare days when I actually wear makeup, I will use it to “set” my face. The smell is heavenly.
    For anyone that hasn’t tried Lather and Lace- YOU are Missing OUT!!

  49. Joy says:

    Lori is so creative! I LOVE the names of the products! Will def be doing some holiday shopping on her site!

  50. Kelly Rimmer says:

    Just seen this and can’t wait to try some of you is great


  51. Paige Gregory says:

    Wow! I love your blog Missy 🙂
    Everytime I get a chance to check out your blog, your always posting fun NEW creative things 🙂
    I have never tried Leather And Laces Line before, but from the picture and from what you have posted in your blog sounds amazing! I will have to check out there line today 🙂
    Have a great weekend missy!

  52. erin wustrack says:

    I love everything that I have ordered so far from Lather & Lace. Great products and an amazing price point!!

  53. Sara says:

    Lather & Lace stuff looks amazing!

  54. Paige says:

    I love the range of products offered by Lather and Lace. They’re SO unique – I’ll definitely be purchasing some for Christmas gifts for my horse friends this year.

  55. Jacquelyn Murphy says:

    I ordered some Lather & Lace products to be prizes for a western themed baby shower. I got to smell everything, it was all so yummy!

  56. holly says:

    OOOHHHHH!!!! I think I am in love!!! This site looks fantastic!!!! Please enter me in your contest! Thanks!

  57. Joanne says:

    Would love to be the first and the last winner!! Lori’s product’s are really the best everyone.

  58. Lori Abercrombie says:

    It’s really fun reading all of your comments. For those of you who have really used Lather & Lace products, you should know that the MOST rewarding thing I do is make you feel better inside your own skin. If we can have fun and make friends along the trail, it makes it all the better. You should also know that I don’t just slap your orders together – I know your skin. I research your concerns, and I apply 16 years of experience to bringing you what I believe is best to help.
    Raquel was very sweet to offer this to me for the month and it encouraged me to maybe begin to blog so that I can share what I know about skin in more than just advertising!
    Please stop by especially in the gift section – while we fill it up with gifts for the holidays!
    Thanks again….

  59. cathy dosher says:

    I would love to win so I can try some products.

  60. Of course I have to comment, because I’m a BIG fan of Lather & Lace, and I was just thinking this past week that I need to place another order soon. 🙂 Great contest idea!

  61. Cheryl Thompson says:

    I would LOVE to try some of your products! They look fantastic!

  62. carole says:

    I love to try any one of your products, I need something good for my hands for I’m in water most of the day, so even if I wear gloves while I wash dishes they still are rough and red, especially in the cold weather. What more can I say, I like yur products!

  63. Jessie p. says:

    Love those boot soaps!

  64. Brandy Law says:

    LOVE her products. My friends that get them as gifts love them also.

  65. I swear by Lori’s products!! The Boots are awesome and I show Shea’m in how much I love Shea’m

  66. Jackie Doeden says:

    LOVE IT ALL!!!! very beautiful..Ill be back often.

  67. Roma Miller says:

    I would love to try some of these. It is great read on here what awesome products you have,and how knowledgeable you are.

  68. Bry says:

    I LOVE Lather and Lace! It’s the best!

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