Luan’s Leathers: Red, Pink & Zebra

red & pink bronc noseband

Has anyone received tack for Valentine’s Day? Or are you hinting that you want some? Keeping the Valentine’s Day trend going, I decided to showcase some of Luan’s Leathers – in pink, red & zebra.

turquoise & zebra bronc

Luan does amazing working & I had to throw in a bit of Q&A as well.

Q1. What was your inspiration to start Luan’s Leathers?

Luan – My inspiration for starting Luan’s Leathers?  Well, it was never suppose to be a business.  I have always enjoyed making things for my two girls and since they were both into horses I started making tack, spur straps, halters, belts and anything else I could think of, and when people asked them where they got them, their response was “Mom will make you one”, and that is how it all started.

Pink & white halter

Q2. Do you have an all time favorite piece or set that you designed?

Luan – My favorite design is the confetti pattern with either the rimset crystals onto the hide or using 5 different sized crystals on the conchos.  I just really like the look of all the different sizes and textures.

cowhide breast collar with pink crystals

Q3. What inspires you & where do you look for inspiration?

Luan – My inspiration comes from a lot of different places, fashion, boot tops, re-thinking an old pattern, but when I’m really looking for something fun I look through a book of old Cowboy gear. It has  a pair of chaps with over 3,000 studs on them, there’s a pommel bag that I thought would make a nice purse and they had some pretty fancy parade gear.

cowhide headstall with pink crystals

Luan’s Leathers has a lot of great pieces & they make dog collars, cosmetic bags, handbags & more!

black & white zebra headstall

And of course, I have a soft spot for zebra print.

To see more from Luan’s Leathers be sure to visit them online.

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4 comments on “Luan’s Leathers: Red, Pink & Zebra
  1. Paula Walker says:

    Another fun website to go check out!! Can’t wait!

  2. Danielle says:

    That second browband (with the turquoise gemstones and the zebra print) makes me wish I rode western!

  3. Tracy says:

    So pretty. I’m crazy for the zebra prints.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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