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Lucky Horse Designs NecklaceJewelry comes in all shapes, sizes and materials including horseshoe nails. Lucky Horse Designs sells a variety of unique jewelry all made with horseshoe nails! Kate is the owner of the shop and you can buy from her directly on Etsy, but she generously sent me a few pieces to review and get a closer look. Sometimes less is more and that is exactly what you get with Lucky Horse Designs.

Above is the heart-shaped horseshoe nail necklace, it’s so simple and is a great way to keep your equestrian spirit with you.
Lucky Horse Designs EarringsThe looped earrings are very pretty and you can get the wire in a variety of colors as well. One of the best parts about this jewelry is  its durability – this is not the kind of jewelry that will break over time thanks to the strong nails. Lucky Horse Designs Green EarringsTen percent of all sales are donated to CANTER, a non-profit program for retired horses, this program helps train and find homes for these animals after their racing days are over.

Lucky Horse Designs KeychainThis is the horseshoe nail key chain, load it up for your keys and stay stylish.

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Jewelry c/o Lucky Horse Designs

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3 comments on “Lucky Horse Designs Jewelry
  1. paulaewalker says:

    This is hands down the nicest, most clever, best looking, horse shoe nail jewelry I have EVER SEEN. Most of the other

  2. Jessica says:

    These pieces look great.

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