If you’ve been a long time follower of the blog you probably are already familiar with me raving about Anderson Bean & especially the Macie Bean boots. The Macie Bean square toe boots were a new addition this summer to their boot line up & this week Horses & Heels & Anderson Bean is giving a pair away!

And if you are interested in learning more about how these boots are made, check out my previous Anderson Bean factory tour post here. I visited Anderson Bean in the spring & had an awesome time.

This boot is Glitterterrific, no seriously that is its name.

Then there are these beauties.

I know a lot of people were very excited when Macie Bean introduced the square toe style, I have a cowboy boot quiz on the right sidebar that asks your toe preference & I would love for you to take the poll.

But enough talk, someone is going to win a pair of Macie Bean square toe boots in a style of their choice.

To Enter 

1. Leave a comment below 

2. For a bonus entry share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter. You must leave a comment letting me know you did additional shares. 

Giveaway will run for one week & a winner will be chosen on Monday, August 20, 2012.

 Photos & giveaway c/o Anderson Bean

  • Rachel

    I need those Glitterterrific boots or any of these!! LOVE!

  • Lynn Ford

    These boots are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  • Heather

    Wow! These are absolutely beautiful boots!! I am in awe and love!! I have followed your blog, polyvore and twitter so I have seen Anderson Bean boots and am struck by their beauty every time! If I was to win this entry I would be so ecstatic! Thank you so much for the opportunity Raquel! 🙂

  • Rachel

    Shared on FB!!!

  • Heather

    P.S This was retweeted on my Twitter 🙂

  • Rachel

    and posted to twitter too!

  • Susie

    This momma NEEDS a new pair of boots and those look perfect!

  • mandi randall

    uhm…..yep yep I am ready to RoCK those beauties..my lil footsies are callin for them now 😉

  • Kristie

    All the boots are beautiful and very unique which I love,

  • I shared on my personal and FB Fan page.

  • Michelle Hancock

    Oh my gosh! How awesome it would be to wear a pair of these boots while competing in the World Championship Paint Horse Show. My horse is qualified, ready to go & we would be quite the awesome picture with these boots!

  • Stephanie Hornby

    could always use a new pair of boots to change up my style! love western boots!

  • Oh how I would love to win a pair of Macie Bean boots!

  • I’m sharing on Facebook!

  • Krystal

    Commenting!!!! &&&& I shared!

  • Dovie Briseno

    Wow would lice to win free pair of boats..being single mom it hard buy things for yourself.

  • I need a new pair of boots..baaddd! 🙂

  • Dovie Briseno

    Also shared…

  • Cindy Scott

    ALWAYS room in my closet for a GREAT pair of boots!!!

  • Cindy Scott

    Shared on Facebook too!!!

  • tara b.

    awesome boots 🙂 also shared 🙂 thanx for a chance to win!!!

  • Kathy Beck

    Oh my! These boots are GORGEOUS!!!

  • Jennifer Bennet

    I love square toe boots! I am always looking for boots that really stand out and draw attention.

  • Kathy Beck

    Shared on Facebook!

  • Jennifer Bennet

    Also shared with all of my Facebook friends got on my bf a and shared again

  • jen

    Loved these when I saw them in Denver in January!

  • tinatre

    Awesome & versatile style of boots!!

  • Mary

    Wow! These boots are amazing-sharing with my friends.

  • Sandy Phillips

    Would love to have these for my daughter!!

  • Kustom Kissers

    Sassy! I would totally rock any of these.

  • Nicole

    I posted on Facebook also!!! I LOVE these boots!!!

  • Kelsey

    Love these boots! So cute!! Would love to win a pair!! I’m going to share this on twitter. My twitter name is @KelseyMarie92

  • Jordy Bird

    I love love love these boots! It would be so amazing to win a pair cause I need a new pair of boots for a wedding I’m in next month! Ive also share this on ky fablcbook page! 😉

  • Jordy Bird

    I love love love these boots! It would be so amazing to win a pair too cause I need a new pair of boots for a wedding I’m in next month! And I shared this on ky facebook page! 😉

  • Holly

    Would love a pair of Macie Beans. I’ve loved these boots ever since they came out. They are soo adorable!

  • paige

    I could really use a new pair of boots!!

  • Holly

    Shared this giveaway on Facebook. (Holly Folkerts)


  • Shanna Rossi

    I love these :)))

  • HOMAHGOODNESS. Those glitterific boots are AMAZING!!!

  • jackie

    Love Macie Beans! Please enter me! Sharing on FB!



  • Sarah Patchin

    I love my beanies…I wear them everywhere!!

  • Kelli

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!! Also will share on FB

  • Heather

    Shared and liked on Facebook! I need to try out a pair of these so that I know what all the rave is about! 🙂

  • Karen

    Love the boots in the top photograph. Shared on facebook and on pinterest


  • Judy

    Love the leopard print boots.

    Shared on FB!

  • Megan Albrecht


  • Barb

    Love these.

  • AmyLou

    Gorgeous! I want!

  • AmyLou

    Shared on Facebook!

  • Jennifer friend

    I love these!!! They are gorgeous!! Want to see a pair in person!

  • Need them! Awesome!!

  • Lori Menard

    Beautiful boots!!

  • holli

    Really nice boots.. like them all.. shared on fb!!!!

  • I left a comment on Twittwe! We saw these boots at the Junior High National Finals in Gallup, New Mezico. Fell in live with them but bought our son his own pair of Anderson Beans instead. Hoping I win. Either way thanks for sharing!

  • Kathy

    Very cute boots! Would love to win them!

  • randy saunders

    I wouild love to win these for my wife!

  • marisa julian

    love these

  • Terrie moss

    Love LOVE LOVE AND I AM SHARING on my personal Facebook as well as my boutique facebook. Turquoise Tines

  • Stefanie Gladden

    I’d love a pair of Macie Bean Cowboy Boots!!

  • lisa

    I am sooooooooo in love with these boots!!!!

  • Heather Carter

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these boots! I can picture myself wearing them and all the compliments I’d get with these babies on.

  • Brooke

    WOW! Love these boots!

  • Gina Harrison

    Shared on Facebook! Love these boots!!

  • Heather Carter
  • victoria flores

    I want me a less pair of boots<3

  • ange

    Love these boots!!! Shared on facebook

  • Heidi

    I would love to win these!

  • Heidi

    I also shared on Facebook!!!

  • Ashlee Brooke

    I want, I need….gimme those boots….sharing on FB!!





  • Sarah Austin

    These cowboy kicks are sweet. Not sure if I’d be able to give them up to my daughter who is the real cowgirl wannabe in the family.

  • Samantha Knight

    I absolutely love these boots!! I’m going to share this on Facebook too 🙂 Please choose me!!!!!

  • Barb

    Flashy Love them!!!

  • brittany bloom

    Leavin a comment!!
    Love your boots!

  • Milisa Pate

    Love these boots!!!

  • Courtney Clemens

    <3<3<3 the top brown boots w/ the pastel flowers!! Would go cute with my wedding dress 🙂

  • Courtney Clemens

    And for sure sharing on FB with friends!

  • Kari


  • Nancy

    Love Love Love these! I need a pair for my work! I help my husband run a pony ride business for kids!

  • Allison Collier

    Love them…sharing!

  • Andrea

    Anderson Bean = best boots ever!!

  • Molly Harkness

    The leopard boots with the flower embroidery are pure fabulousness! I would LOVE a pair!!!

  • Andrea

    Shared on FB

  • Molly Harkness

    Shared this post on Face book for another chance to win the completely wonderful leopard boots!

  • Sharon

    Shared cuz they are so very cute!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Shared on Facebook… My daughter would love these!!

  • Kirsten Ousey

    The Cheetah boots with the flowers are THE BOMB! Just because I’m 51 doesn’t mean I don’t know “hot” when I see it!!!!
    Shared on my Facebook!

  • Danielle

    I’m lovin the cheetah boots with the flowers!!! Shared on Facebook!!! 🙂

  • Stephanie Reeves

    Love them all!!!!

  • Rachel wood

    Love AB!!

  • Laura

    Loev these! And shared on FB!

  • Katie

    Love these boots, they are truly works of art!!! I would love to be able to wear a pair <3 <3

  • Katie

    shared 🙂

  • Stefanie Gladden

    also tweeted!

  • Cydney Metz

    Beat lookin boots I’ve seen in awhile!! Love em!
    This is a boot line that my company is going to look into wholesaling.

  • michele

    This Grandma needs some New boots to keep running with the kids.

    • michele

      oops and I shared on FB and to all at the barn…..

  • Judy Rodgers

    Ahh,the long awaited square toes are finally here!! I have been looking forward to this all summer. After three months still can’t decide which pair is my favorite!

  • Rachel

    These are amazing. I love them.

  • Rachel

    Shared on FB

  • Emily Logan

    I LOVE these! I’m in need of a new pair as the ones I am currently wearing are 8+ years old! These are gorgeous! I shared on my facebook page as well! Thanks!

  • Laurie Peterson

    Well…haven’t been a boot fan…until now. These are not only practical but classy. I will share this site on my FB.

  • Love these

  • megan

    These are so neat! Love the new styles being seen in the boot world!!

  • Michelle

    I have always wanted a pair of these boots! Love them!!

  • Connie Young

    My daughter would love these! Going to share them on facebook

  • Eden

    Super duper cute!

  • Emily Davis

    These boots are amazing would love to win a pair!!

  • Emily Davis

    I shared this on my facebook

  • Emily Davis

    I pinned this!!

  • Emily Davis

    I tweeted this

  • Love those! Enter me!

  • Without a doubt must enter this giveaway. Stunning boots.

  • I wish tweeted about your giveaway.

  • Laney

    Those boots are KILLER! I would love to rock those out!

  • Debra Lee

    I love these colorful boots. They sure have come a long way.

  • Debra Lee
  • Debra Lee
  • frances sewell

    i love these boots and would love to win me a pair, and im sharing on facebook 🙂

  • The Farmer’s Trophy Wife


  • The Farmer’s Trophy Wife

    and facebooked!

  • Susan mobley

    Love these boots!!

  • These boots are beautiful!

  • Brittany Hardy

    LOVE the Macie Beans! I’ve been wanting a pair badly!

  • Jordan boyer

    Love there boots!!!

  • Teresa Cline

    I just love these boots. Very creative.

  • Amanda Pepper-Yowell

    I’d love a pair of square-toe Macie Beans!!! These are beautiful! 🙂

  • Kristin

    Love that the come in square toe now!!! Great designs!

  • Barbara

    These Macie Bean boots are amazing! I’m sharing on facebook and pinning it!

  • Heather Allen

    Love them all! Shared also!

  • Paulette Rose

    Love my Macie Beans, but you never have enough pairs! I’m sharing this

  • Love Love Love all of these! The soles on my Anderson Beans have been replaced twice! Could sure use a new pair of Macie Bean boot to add to my collection! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I shared on Facebook and Twitter! I just love Macie Bean boots! I’ve wanted a pair for a long time! Oh and definitely love me some square toe!

  • saul garcia

    I love boots especially made in south Texas !

  • Barbara Rogers

    Love these Macie Beans. Square toes are the only way to go with boots.
    Shared on FB.

  • Amanda Hayward

    Love the boots…
    I also shared this on Facebook. 🙂

  • Lyndel

    Love the square toes!!

  • Lyndel

    Shared on Facebook!

  • Devin M

    I would LOVE to win a pair of boots!! I tweeted and shared. @Devmansell Thank You for holding such a great give away!!! E.H.A.G.D.

  • Rajeana Dennis

    I would love to win a pair of these boots, i have never owned a pair of Macie Beans.

  • Nicole C

    This teachers needs some Macie Bean therapy!!! These are the cutest boots ever

  • Nicole C

    This teachers needs some Macie Bean therapy!!! These are the cutest boots ever. I shared blog with friends, shared on Facebook and like on pintrest

  • Word Sherrill

    My wife would love a pair of these! Not that she needs another pair but… 😉

  • Word Sherrill

    Shared this on FaceBook.

  • Kirby M

    Love those boots! All of them!

  • Kirby M

    Sharing with my friends on Facebook!

  • Kristi Peel

    These boots are absolutely gorgeous!!
    I will definitely pass on the word on Facebook 🙂

  • Lesa

    I love Beans! I havent added a pair of Macies to my closet yet though, and I desperately need to! I shared on facebook too!

  • Shared on twitter!

  • Shari Creasey-Wakeman

    I LOVE these boots SO stunning!

  • Stephanie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my AB’s as well as Macie Beans. I NEED those glitterifics!!

  • Cassie Holloway

    Shared on twitter! Boots whoo!

  • Bre Beals

    LOVE them all!!!
    And I have shared this on FB! 🙂

  • Ann

    Absolutely LOVE the Glitterterrific boots!! I must have them! I’ve shared this on Facebook:)

  • Mama

    Love them all, would love to win a pair for my daughter

  • Mallory

    Absoluely love love love these Macie Beans!!!!!! I think I could really use a new pair of boots!!!! :))

  • Lawana

    LOVE THEM ALL. Sharing on Facebook

  • tara nation

    Love love love these boots!!!

  • beth

    I really need new boots. I love the look of the macie bean. I currently have a pair of tan lucchesses with flower embroidery and my crepe soles are coming apart:(

  • Amanda C

    I LOVE my orange Anderson Beans. I have never tried the Macie style, but would love too especially since there is now a square toe option!!

  • tara nation

    Shared on Facebook and pinterest!

  • Natalie Erickson

    Thank you, would love to win the Macie Bean Square Toe! Good luck ya’ll!!!

  • tara nation

    Shared on Facebook and pinterest!!

  • Nicole

    Beautiful boots!! I’ve actually been looking for a pair of Anderson/Macie Bean boots!! My boyfriend loves Anderson Bean boots & says I NEED to get a pair too!! Definitely spreading the word on facebook!! 🙂

  • Elizabeth Segura

    I just shared this on twitter. Make me a winner! Pick me!

  • Suzanne

    LOVE THESE BOOTS! Anderson Bean & Macie Bean provide great quality and style. The middle photo (I believe it is Thundercat) is my favorite boot. It shows a little bit of flair, but still subtle enough to
    not be too far out there. Sharing on Facebook as well!!! 🙂

  • Amanda C

    Shared on twitter!!

  • barra

    Shared on facebook too!!!! Yeeehaw!!!

  • Scarlett H

    Absolutely love the first pair! So glad to see the Macie Beans in a square toe!

  • barra

    I’m a wedding planner and need good footwear as I run around like a chicken with my head cut off to make the wedding spectacular… These are just fancy enough to “foot-the-bill”!

  • Natalie Erickson

    Shared on Twitter for bonus entry 8/14/12

  • Dana Z

    I love these Macie Bean boots. My daughter would LOVE to have them for school this year!

  • Love my old Anderson Beans! Bought them July 22,1992:) Have been about a million miles in them,horseback,twirling around a dancefloor and everything in-between!! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had them in the repair shop. Sadly,after I got pregnant my feet grew so my favorite “go-to’s” just sit in my closet. Don’t have the heart to get rid of them:/ Really need a new pair to carry me around for the next 20 years;)

  • Mallory

    Shared on Facebook as well!!!

  • Jess

    My daughter’s & I love these boots…so much so, we’ve shared y’alls contest!!!

  • Nancy Mitchell

    Oh, be still my heart..I love, love these boots!! I am also sharing this!! Thank you!!

  • Kristi Allwardt

    I love macie beans!!

  • Sarah Voltattorni

    My daughter, Isabella, would love these boots! I’m going to repost this on facebook.

  • Bought my 1st pair of AB’s July 22,1992! Best purchase ever! Been about a million miles in them-horseback,twirling around a dance floor and everywhere in between! Then I had my sweet baby in 2005-my feet outgrew my “go-to’s”:(. Now they sit in my closet-don’t have the heart to get rid of them. But I could SURE use another pair to carry me around for the next 20 years!! I shared this on my fb page:)Thanks!!

  • Charlie

    These are awesome!!! Would love to have a pair of these. Thank to my daught-in-law for sharing. I am also sharing, thanks

  • Megan

    I love the third pair!! I have wanted some since I saw them at Cavendars! I shared on FB also

  • Mona Williams

    Would love these for my birthday!

  • Michelle

    LOVE these boots! They’re all gorgeous!!

  • Sarah

    Love all of them!!! I shared on Facebook.

  • Kimberly Meister


  • CourtG

    Love these Macie Beans!! Posting contest to my facebook for sure!

  • Jan

    Love these boots!!! These would look just great on my feet or my granddaughter’s feet!!

  • Jan

    Love these boots. Even my grand daughter would love them;and they would look so good on her feet at Rodeo!

  • Leigh

    I love these boots and have been wanting some for a long time!

  • Jamie Johnson

    I love the boots!! Would be great with a cute summer dress or skirt!! Also sharing on FB!

  • My daughter would love a pair of those Glitterterrific boots!!! At 10 years old she is already wearing ladies boots and loves her boots. She wears boots just about everywhere she goes. Her pair of Anderson Bean spider Boots in black and white were wore with her school uniform forever. She’s know at school as the girl with the boots……

  • Ferreh

    Shared on FB!

  • Ferreh

    Shared on Twitter!

  • Sarah Patchin

    I just checked out the honey baby site…cute stuff!! I am going to master twitter today 😉

  • Kimberly Poe

    These boots are the ones I want to fill the depths of my closet with. Only because I can’t wear them all at once!! I am in Love!

  • Kimberly Poe

    Also shared on facebook!

  • Natalie Davidson

    I love the MAcie BEan Boots!! I think they would look great dancing away on my feet at Quarter HOrse Congress! 😉

  • Natalie Davidson

    I shared it on FB as well!=) Have a great day!

  • I love this! 🙂 Thanks for the contest.

  • Sarrah M

    I love these boots!!

  • Sarrah M

    I also posted on fb 🙂

  • Deborah B

    I am loving that brown boot on top! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • These are all just too cute. So Cha-Cha! And heavens knows I need some Cha-Cha here at farm!!!!

  • julie

    Got to get in the game!

  • Amanda Pepper-Yowell

    I liked it on Facebook but it didn’t pop up with the Share feature so I shared it on Twitter and pinned it to one of my Pinterest boards!


  • Taylor Trotter

    My oh my those Beauties are so darlin!!!

  • Danielle

    I think I just tripped and fell head-over-heels in love with the last pair that has cheetah print tops and embroidered flowers! I need them in my life.

  • Taylor Trotter

    I have shared on FB (:

  • barra

    Ooh, Ooh, Ooh…….. Me, me, me!!!! I’m a wedding planner and need good solid footwear to wear to weddings I work. These are just fancy enough to “foot-the-bill”!! =)

  • Rajeana Dennis

    just Tweeted!

  • Danielle

    I Facebook shared this post

  • Danielle

    I tweeted about the boot giveaway. @danibeard

  • Peggy laFond

    I would LOVE to win a pair of these boots! <3

  • Peggy laFond

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  • Karen

    OMG! These are so beautiful…I would LOVE to win a pair of these boots!

  • Karen

    Just shared on Facebook! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kortney Penrose

    I absolutely LOVE anything Anderson Bean makes! I have a pair of Anderson Beans but would love a fabulous pair of more “girls” boots to wear for my upcoming wedding!!

  • Dranae

    Absolutely love these boots. Sharing on Facebook, great blog!!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win a pair of these fabulious boots!!!

  • Amanda Harding-Register

    I’ve been dieing for a good pair of cowgirl boots :)))

  • Amanda Harding-Register

    And just shared on FB as well!!!

  • Katrena heagwood

    Love these

  • Jamie

    Love these boots!!!!!

  • Candy

    Love these boots! Anderson Bean is a fantastic company, and all of their boots are so well made! Would really, really love to have a pair of these to wear to my next horse show!!

  • Connie

    My daughters 1st pair of boots were Anderson Bean…now she needs some Macie Beans for her 1st day of school! They were the best quality boots for her at 3 and can only get better! Thanks y’all for comfort and quality!!

  • Heidi

    Macie Beans are GORGEOUS!!! I’m thinking they’d look even better on my feet. 😉

  • Choya Vaculin

    I absolutely love Macie beans! They are great from riding to going out. Would love a new pair

  • jeanne

    would love to have these for my daughter. she works so hard to keep up with her barn and almost one year old!

  • Vickie Emmons

    Those boots are delicious just love them

  • Lori

    I love the Macie Bean boots!! As artist I love the creative edge that I get with them! Sharing them on fabebook and pinterest!

  • Barbara Franks

    Love these boots!!!

  • Barbara Franks

    Love these boots!!!!!

  • Also share on my fb page:)

  • Vickie Emmons

    These boots are just delicious Luv them

  • amy shaffer

    OMG ,It’d be hard to pick . They are all awesome! My Fingers and toes are crossed! size 6,haha

  • amy shaffer

    I shared it on facebook too.

  • Charlotte Keene

    Love these boots!!! I shared on FB

  • Brandy

    Love, Love All these boots!! I would love to win. Thanks Raquel!

  • Cheryl

    I love the Glitterterrific! I tried them on but couldn’t talk my husband into buying them:(

  • Kelli

    I would love a pair of Macie Beans!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Shared on FB

  • Sunnie

    Whoo Weee, these are cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Johnna Varty

    I would LOVE to win a pair! I’be had my eye on them for so long!

  • V Perigaud

    I would love to win a pair of Macie Bean square toe boots! I am a rodeo gal and enjoy going to watch all the others get out there and do there thing. When I go to a rodeo, I have to look my best. The only thing missing in my wardrobe is Macie Bean square toe boots! So I guess it makes sense I would like to add them to my wardrobe! lol

    Rodeo Here I come! Fingers are crossed! Thank you Anderson Bean & Horses and heels! For your awesome contest!

  • Sunnie

    I shared on facebook

  • These boots are soo cute. Shared this link in facebook.

  • Brooke Johnson

    I could do some serious damage in these! Gotta have ’em!!!!-Shared on FB too;)

  • Sara Crawford

    I would love to win these they are all gorgeous

  • Cheryl

    I retweeted it also!!

  • Kelli

    I shared on my Facebook too!

  • Casey D.

    Oh my God, I love these boots! Sign me up!

  • Alice

    I so need a pair of great dress boots!!!! Hope I win

  • Marsha Johnson

    Left comment AND SHARED on my Facebook!!!!!! Now c’mon winner BE ME!

  • Kate Schrader

    I love These boots! I would love to add a pair to m collection!

  • Katie

    I love these!! (:

  • Beth

    great boots!!!

    • Beth

      Sharing on Facebook!

  • Lana Sem

    Omg I have never seen anything like these. They are amazingly colorful. And to think I would eve look good riding my Harley in these as well as wearing them with a skirt!

  • I LOVE these boots! I’ve never seen anything quite like them…
    Very colorful, definitely something I can envision on my tootsies!

  • Shared on Facebook!

  • Katelyn Hayes

    Love these boots! Shared on fb will all my California & Nashville cowgirl girlfriends! 🙂

  • Lauren Horne

    Obsessed with these!

  • Dena

    Wow!! These are amazing boots!! I would love to win a gorgeous pair of Macie Bean Boots !!

  • Christy

    I want to buy ALL of these! Definitely sharing on FB/Twitter, as well – these are too fabulous.

  • Sarah

    I would rock the Maci Bean Boots!!! Does it get any better than leopard and flowers??? I think not!

  • Sarah

    I retweeted your contest

  • Vanessa Derrick

    Love the boots.

  • Rae

    I am sharing on FB and Twitter, and linking to you on my Livejournal blog.

  • Tanya Lamb

    Those are the coolest boots ever!!

  • Miranda

    We love Macie Bean!! Especially having a daughter named Macie, they are a must!!!

  • Carrie Law

    I want to win these boots!They are so awesome!

  • leanne huber

    Would love a pair of these !!

  • Sierra

    OMG – I have been dreaming about these boots! Would love to make my dreams a reality! Sharing on facebook for sure!

  • Sarah Patchin

    These boots would look great w maternity dresses 😉 i need a new pair!!!

  • leanne huber

    I shared on facebook too !!

  • Jeanne Wirick

    Great boots, I shared on fb

  • Charlotte Poe

    My daughter sent me a message telling me to enter this so If I won I could give her the boots, But Id like to let Kimberly Poe know, if I won these boots theyd look wonderful on my feet 😉

  • Merry Horne

    I need any of these gorgeous boots to feed my cowboy boot fetish! LOVE!!

    Shared on FB

  • Sarah Patchin

    I really love these boots and I have been telling everyone to check out your blog!!!

  • jenny orgeron

    just starting my collection and am discovering the joy of cowboy boots. would love to have these pretty ones. they are the cutest ones i’ve seen so far checkout my cowboy boot board on pinterest under my name!

  • jenny orgeron

    ps.shared your blog on facebook and friends love it!

  • jessica cochran

    Hi I love these style of boots! I shared on Facebook! I hope I win my birthday is soon!

  • Sarah

    Love Anderson Bean, and Macie Bean boots would be a welcome addition to my boot collection!

  • Stephanie Simons

    Love all these and im not usually a square toe gal! Shared on fb!

  • Jade N

    oh my goodness, these boots are amazing! I love how feminine they are.

  • Jade N

    I tweeted aboutthe giveaway too!

  • Keri Miner

    If I am not wearing a pain of flip flops, I am living in my boots, especially in the fall and winter. My boots are not put away in the closet, they have become part of my home decorating. I would love to show off a pair Macie Bean square toe boots. I will gladly share this on Facebook.

  • Debbie Myrick

    I love these boots! So hard to choose the prettiest!

  • Sarah Patchin

    I Want these boots please!!!!!


    I would love to Win!!!

  • Nicole Weirick

    OMG I love love these boots and would so LOVE a Pair!!!!!!!!

  • I LOVE Anderson Bean/Macie Bean/Horse Power boots (and the Horses & Heels Blog) I’ve actually been trying to decide on a pair for my wedding in October! But with so many awesome choices, I’m finding it difficult to choose 🙂 it would be a awesome wedding present to win these and also make my life that much easier (then the choice will be made for me) LOL.
    I will also be sharing on my Facebook and Pinterest
    Keep up the doing an amazing job with blog Raquel and God Bless y’all <3

  • Jan Waldroup Squyres

    Awesome boots. I am sharing on facebook.

  • Rochelle

    What fun boots! Adding Glitterterrific to my vocabulary. 🙂

  • Joni Evans

    Them are some kind of fancy smancy boots that make ya wanna wear yer pants inside yer boots to show ’em off!! Giddy-on-yup Cowgirls!!!

  • I would absolutely love a new pair of boots! These boots sure have some style!
    Shared on Facebook!

  • Sarrah M

    Is it Monday yet?? I can’t wait to hear who won! I want these soooo bad 🙂

  • kim

    i would love to win a pair of boots!

  • I’d love to win!

  • Jen

    I LOVE these boots. I would take any of these, but the flower ones at the top stole my heart <3

  • Paulette Rose

    A girl can never have too many pairs of Macie Beans. I only have one pair (that I love) and I NEED some more!

  • Paulette Rose

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  • allene

    I love those pink boots,, a real cowgirl would love to have any of your boots..

  • shannon blevins

    Hmmmm my birthday is coming up soon!!!! these are so pretty!!!

  • I love the wild boots. Match my personality to a t.

  • shannon blevins

    Also shared on my FB and FB Page! Farm Girls Glitz And Glam;)

  • Tami

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  • Breah Walder

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  • Marianna Perrin

    Please choose me. I live in Austin, Texas and am ashamed to admit that I do not have a pair of cowboy boots. Every Texan (although I’m from New Jersey) should have a pair, don’t you think? Thank you.

  • Breah Walder

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  • Love these awesome boots!! The detailing is out of this world..who would have thought you could do such neat things to cowboy boots!!
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  • Missy Littlefield

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  • Missy Littlefield

    OMG I was going to order the Sweet Sixteen Maci Bean Boot M8031 for my wedding yesterday, but I just know as things are so tight right now with my daughter going off to college and being a single Mom for 9 years this is my sign, I AM GOING TO WIN THE BOOTS I LOVE FOR MY WEDDING!!!!!! in the breeze way of the stables!!! I know God will look out for me in mysterious ways. I LOVE YA’LLS BOOTS!!!!

  • Alyssa Cruthis

    My Mom love your boots, and I am right behind her!!!

  • Tina

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  • Kim

    I absolutely LOVE these boots! They are GORGEOUS!! Would love to own a pair! Or 2, or 3………Sharing this on my Facebook pages……Pink Dragonflies & The Uptown Girlz……among others!

    Have an awesome day!!

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  • I love the Macie Bean Boots! I’ve retweeted you on Twitter and I’ve left a comment here! Pick me! Pick me!

  • Carol Pettijohn

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    Totally in LOVE over these boots was in a store over the weekend and actully got to try them on and feel them… I was drooling when I left..

  • Emma Mahin

    I also shared on fb.

  • Shari

    Totally in LOVE over these boots was in a store over the weekend and actully got to try them on and feel them… I was drooling..

  • V Perigaud

    This boots are made for walking and thats just what theyll do!

  • Shari

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    Lovely boots! I would love to take them for a walk :))

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    I shared on facebook.

  • Raquel

    Giveaway closed! Thank you everyone for entering!

    Our winner is Sarah Patchin