Mango Stays Healthy with Freshpet

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Mango the Pomeranian

It’s time for a Mango update! What’s new with Mango? She’s just been enjoying her spoiled California lifestyle and taking photos for Instagram. You can follow this adorable pup @thehappiestpom to get a daily dose of fabulous fluff. Lately Mango has been favoring more trips to the mall because its air conditioned and she gets lots of attention. Mall walking keeps her active and in shape.

Mango the Pomeranian out on the patio

The weather has been cooling off as we transition into fall. This fluffy Pomeranian is loving spending more time in the yard. She takes long naps out on her favorite patio pillow during the day under the sunshine.

Mango with her Freshpet food

Since Mango is a beloved member of the family and gets only the best, I feed her Freshpet. Freshpet is refrigerated dog food made with real ingredients and no preservatives or additives. It’s the next best thing to having a home cooked meal. It’s made in the USA and never uses pre processed meat powders or by-products.

Freshpet dog food

How cute is this cat dish? I picked up matching pink cat shaped food and water bowl for her recently. Mango is smaller than most cats and sometimes behaves like one, so I loved the irony of these dishes.

Mango enjoying a healthy meal

Mango runs into the kitchen whenever she hears the refrigerator door open, it might be time for breakfast or dinner. She gets so excited about eating her Freshpet, plus it’s picky eater approved. Yum! Don’t disturb Mango when she’s eating.

Mango scarfing down her Freshpet

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