M.L. Leddy’s Cowboy Boots

M.L. Leddy's Cowboy boots at Rodeo Houston

Let’s all head back to Houston where the weather is warm! During Rodeo Houston we visited M.L. Leddy’s to check out the awesome cowboy boots. The boot selection was bold, beautiful & did not disappoint. There were boots in every color & design you could imagine. I’m showcasing a few favorite photos from their booth at Rodeo Houston.


M.L. Leddy's Cowboy boots at Rodeo HoustonFrom shades of brown to purple there was a boot for everyone.

M.L. Leddy’s carries more than just boots too; they offer a hats, shirts, jewelry & more inside their store.


M.L. Leddy's Cowboy boots at Rodeo HoustonI loved these black & white boots (center), they were so pretty & had a lovely vintage vibe.


M.L. Leddy's Cowboy boots at Rodeo HoustonCan they all come live with me?


M.L. Leddy's Cowboy boots at Rodeo HoustonSometimes it is all about the details.

M.L. Leddy's at Rodeo Houston

Each pair of boots is made with the highest quality. M.L. Leddy’s has been around for 85 years & is still family owned.


M.L. Leddy's at Rodeo Houston


These bucking bronco boots were spectacular, more like a work of art.


M.L. Leddy's at Rodeo HoustonThe butterflies are beautiful.


M.L. Leddy's at Rodeo HoustonAnd then you can see Leddy’s carries more basic designs for those who don’t want their boots to be over the top.

This was just a small sample of the boots that M.L. Leddy’s carries. To learn more about the store please visit them online.

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  1. I have two pairs of Leddy’s Boots and I LOVE THEM!

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