My Montana Moments


Montana moments captured throughout my time at Triple Creek Ranch.

Morning at the ranchThis October was my first time visiting Montana! I always knew Montana was beautiful but it was never a place I saw myself planning a destination visit, but I’m so glad I ended up here.  Next time I’ll bring my husband too ; )

Last week I shared my Instagram snap shots from my trip to Triple Creek Ranch.  I took about 500 photos while I was there and wrote an article for COWGIRL magazine.  But these photos simply don’t do justice to the breathtaking views of the mountains and majestic pines.  Every time I turned around, I saw another picture perfect shot. Here are some of my favorite Montana moments from around Triple Creek.

Above, I took this photo my first morning at the ranch, the morning light was beautiful.

The perfect mountain view light colored Palamino Quarter horseA beautiful morning at the rider's roost

The Rider’s Roost

While I loved the cabins and their stunning interiors, the rider’s roost was my favorite place. Located centrally between the pastures and the barn; it was filled with western decor, riding gear and cold beverages for after your ride.  Watching horses graze in the pasture was so peaceful. Chinks and hats in the rider's roost                                                                              Chinks and hats for the riders to borrow.
The rider's roostI climbed to the top of the pasture with the mare and foals for a nice walk and even better scenery. The elevation is higher at this point and you can really look down on Triple Creek below.

 Tall pine trees in MontanaPaint mare and foalPretty Paint horses in the pastures

Sapphire Panning

This was described by one of my fellow Klicks for Chicks riders as “the perfect mix of zen and addiction”, definitely accurate. Sediment was brought in bags to Triple Creek from a local mine in Montana. The next step was to wash the “dirt” throughly and flip it onto the table in search of sapphire. The raw stones came in blue, yellow, pink and green. I kept mine to take home but the option of sending them out to have them heat treated and cut was available at the activity center. Maybe Mango would like to wear them in a locket ; )

 Ladies rinsing dirt and panning for sapphireSapphire panning at Triple Creek Ranch Close up of sediment and stone for sapphire panning

Around the cabins

There is no shortage of art in the cabins and grounds. I found plenty of decorating inspiration and it really made me miss a quiet and simple life in the country. My cabin, Piquette was near a gurgling stream and the sound was very soothing.

Running horses metal sculpture Coffee table bookWestern fine art

Large metal moose sculpture on Triple Creek grounds

Hello Mr. moose! I also saw real wild turkeys in the morning and a herd of elk one afternoon driving back from a ride. Cabin signs at Triple Creek Ranch A bird at the feederMetal horse and rider

On the trail

Naturally riding was the best part of the day.  I have done plenty of trail riding in Ohio but it isn’t quite the same as riding in the big sky country.  Each day presented a new ride and spectacular views.  Some days we left from the rider’s roost and on other days we met in the activity center and trailed the horses to nearby National forests.

Horses tied to the trees while the riders ate lunchThe Bitterroot Rider in OctoberTriple Creek Ranch owner Barbara Barrett on a ride

Above, horses taking a break at lunch time, the Bitterroot river and ranch owner Barbara Barrett giving us a history lesson on the trail.

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  1. NC Cowgirl says:

    How beautiful! Next time you go back I want to go too!!

  2. Lacey Jo says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

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