My New Crown Leather: Part 1
I must confess, I have been slacking in the photo shoot department. Last week after much waiting & anticipation my new, custom Gold Stingray Set from Crown Leather arrived. These photos were taken by Crown Leather, not me.

I promise Part 2 will be a fabulous photo shoot with Rumor modeling her new tack. There will be a bath involved & lots of Cowboy Magic. Oh the joys of owning a black & white Paint. She also hates having her face washed or brushed, she doesn’t understand the meaning of – you have a white face that attracts dirt.

But on with the tack – It’s gorgeous, medium oil leather with gold stingray & Topaz & Turquoise crystals.

It took me forever to decide what I wanted once I discovered Crown Leather. So many hides, colors, stones & options to chose from.

I think I made the right choice though, the Turquoise will bring out her baby blue eyes (my friend Kymber of BiSaddular just laughed when I said that). It’s all about the details right?

By the way these photos don’t even do justice to the tack. The sparkle & shine is even better in person. I’m obsessed with my new tack, it’s hanging in my closet right now, I know it’s meant to get dirty but for now I’m admiring it. Until next weekend of course, then it hits the arena.
Photo Credits: Crown Leather 
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7 comments on “My New Crown Leather: Part 1
  1. theolivetree says:

    oh wow! love it!!!!

  2. jamie says:

    no no no i can see the beauty in these photos!! wow, so pretty!!! i knew you'd like my cowboy boots! hahaha =) its been a while since i've said hello to you, sorry! i still have no Internet at my new place… i hope that you are doing very well and that you have an amazing weekend!

    xo, jamie

  3. Vanilla - notes from my closet says:

    SO pretty 🙂 I think if I had a horse only the finest things would do 🙂

    Love, Vanilla

  4. Sunny & Star says:

    So pretty. I love all of the detailing. I bet it looks amazing on Rumor.

  5. Sisters and Sisters says:

    Ít's beautiful and we love your new profile pictures!

    H&C from Amsterdam

  6. Fashion Mom says:

    it looks amazing ! x

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