New from Anderson Bean – Squared Toe Style

Today’s Monday is all about Macie Beans, I’m sharing a few of my favorite new styles today! I was very excited when the new styles went live on the Anderson Bean site although you are still going to have to wait a couple of months for these to be available. June 2012 is when this Thundercat boot will be officially out.

This next one makes me very excited because of all the glitter & it’s called Glitterrific : ) Do you know how much I love glitter?? It has pretty floral stitching, dark leather & of course pops of glitter on the outside.

These Beans feature a tan floral vamp & black tops with a cross inlay. I also like the look the straight across cut gives these boots. They are clean, polished & classy.

Remember all of these boots are available June 2012, so please don’t ask me where to purchase them (yet). In the mean time, you can start thinking of what you are going to wear these boots with once you have them.

Photos courtesy of Anderson Bean Boot Company

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3 comments on “New from Anderson Bean – Squared Toe Style
  1. Melissa says:

    Love the glitter ones~!

  2. Stan Lynde says:

    Love the boots!

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