Love at first smell! 

I’m completely in love with Marc Jacobs newest fragrance, Oh Lola!, it’s a spinoff of the original Lola. I love the original Lola perfume and of course love the pretty bottle and am so happy the trend lives on.
This time, it’s in pretty pink.

The bottle sold me, but don’t worry I took a trip to Sephora to smell for myself. It’s amazing. Oh Lola! has hints of pear, raspberry, vanilla, magnolia, & sandalwood, just to name a few. It’s a fun & flirty perfume, perfect for date night.

My only request to Marc Jacobs is to PLEASE come out with a limited edition Oh Lola perfume ring too! I love my original Lola perfume ring, but I want another pretty flower! I get so many compliments on that ring… Does anyone else have it? Or maybe I am the only super obsessed one… Pretty please with flowers on top make another ring!


Photo Credits: Marc Jacobs online
  • Sunny & Star

    I love things that come in pretty packages too. Especially pretty perfume bottles, that I can display on my dresser. I love the Marc Jacobs bottles and the Vera Wang Princess bottles.

  • grace

    I always thought the name 'Lola' was adorable! Though smells make me gag cause I'm soo sensitive and will get a the name!

  • theolivetree

    I love escada…the pproblem is they change their scent every year and the one I love I can no longer get…I need to check out this scent! cute bottle!

  • Sharon

    I love pretty perfume bottles also. This bottle is really pretty. However, I am really particular about perfumes . . sometimes (many times) what smells good in a bottle does not smell just as lovely on my skin (or so it seems that way). I can spend hours trying to find a perfume which means many times I leave empty-handed because all the smells begin to all seem the same.

  • Vanilla – notes from my closet

    This is one of the prettiest perfume bottles ever 🙂 I do love a collection of pretty bottles on my dressing table 🙂

    Love, Vanilla

  • The bottle is SO SO cute!! xo