Olathe Cowboy Boots

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IMG 2215 700x466 Olathe Cowboy Boots

Today we say hello to another fabulous Monday & I’m sharing one of my favorite pairs of “rough n tough” cowboy boots. Cody is a camera hog & wanted the spotlight, he says hello & that he needs new dog biscuits.

IMG 2302 466x700 Olathe Cowboy Boots

Meet my Olathe tall tops! Aren’t they rustic?

Remember when I went to the Anderson Bean boot factory in March? If you don’t you can read about it here. But these Olathe boots followed me back, Olathe is a sister company of Anderson Bean & Rios of Mercedes.

IMG 2194 466x700 Olathe Cowboy Boots

These boots are great for pairing with dresses & skinny jeans. Adding a dress or girly accessories is a great way to make these boots versatile.

Did I mention that if you have a brand that you can add your brand to the boots? That is probably the coolest part.

IMG 2147 700x466 Olathe Cowboy Boots

Solid colored boots look great with bold prints.

IMG 2276 450x700 Olathe Cowboy Boots

I hope you have a wonderful week, this Wednesday (July 4th, woohoo) I’m going to be sharing a fabulous giveaway so stick around!

Boots c/o Olathe Boot Company

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  • http://www.themollybuckley.com molly

    RAQUEL! gah! those boots! i die! i love them! how do you add the brand? SO cool!

    • Raquel

      Hey Molly – the type of branding I was referring to is a hot iron brand that people use on cattle, horses & other livestock. It’s basically a logo or some sort of initials that is put on with heat with an iron.

  • http://urbancountrystyle.com Suzie Salmon

    By far my favorite boots you’ve posted yet!!!

  • http://sunnydaystarrynight.blogspot.com Jessica

    I love the pattern of the dress and the boots. Cody is adorable and deserves lots and lots of dog bisquits!

  • leslie

    Hi I went on the link and could not find these boots…I love them and want want a pair, pls let me know where and how I could order a pair….

    Thx your Canadian freind

    • Raquel

      Hi Leslie – please follow this link – http://olatheboots.com/contact-us/ to Olathe’s contact form & call or email them about these boots. If they aren’t in production right now, I’m sure they can make them for you or put you in touch with a retailer.

  • Shasta Johnson

    Love. Love. Love. I want the boots, dress and bracelet!!!! Can you share where the dress came from? Thx for the link to the boots. Those look like a must have! :)

    • Raquel

      Hi Shasta – the dress is from Pac Sun (it was last season though) so it might be harder to find, I’ll look to see if I can find it online though. The bracelet is from Cowgirls Are Forever, you can find them on Facebook & Etsy. Hope this helps & let me know if you have more questions!

  • Giovanna

    Cute look! Loving your boots and cuff!


  • Philip Taylor

    Hi – don’t know if guys are allowed to post here, but here goes:/
    I put photos on Flickr and was browsing one of the c/b boots groups when I spotted your awesome sitting on the gate/fence shot (2nd one down). Have left a comment, but was curious if the tall boot design and that special texture is a feature of that make. They look terrific (guess u need to be tallish to pull them off (if thats not a contradiction ha ha!)). Love the dress pattern – you look really cool and the boot design is really different – bet you love em. A shot of em with skinny jeans would be really gr8. C/B boots are unsurpasable. Like your doggy – he’s super and must be a loved companion. Rgds. Phil (UK).

    • Raquel

      Hi Philip! Thank you for your comments, I just saw those. Those tall boots are a brand called Olathe from Texas. They are made to be durable & out of tough leather for working on ranches. You can actually brand them as well! If you have any other questions please ask & I hope you will come back on Mondays for more cowboy boots here on the blog!

      • Philip Taylor

        Hi Raquel.

        Thank you so much for replying – made my day.
        Really interesting information – much appreciated. You’ve got a great website and hope to stop by – thanks for the invite. PS They are nothing special but my pair can be seen here!


        No idea if this link will work from a blog. PS – Can I add you as a contact on Flickr to keep abreast of your super pictures?? If thats OK? Best wishes. Phil.

        • Raquel

          Hey Philip, thank you for sharing the photo of your boots! I added you as a contact so definitely feel free to add me. I don’t post photos as regularly on Flickr (I’m trying to get better about this) but definitely check out the blog every Monday for cowboy boots features & I will try & keep put them on Flickr too!


  • AK

    These boots, outfit, and you are beautiful! :-)