Organization from Equine By Lauren


A clean and organized space, is a beautiful space. 

Three Arabian horse heads on reclaimed woodEquine By Lauren creates beautiful clothing and bridle racks out of reclaimed wood and Breyer horses.  Each rack is unique with different wood from around the Pennsylvania area.  I’ve admired Lauren’s work for a while, this time of year is perfect for organizing and redecorating your home.  Why not add one of these pretty racks to your home?

Breyer Horse Ribbon RackDisplay your ribbons in style, this is a fun piece made with a Man o’ War Breyer horse.

Breyer Horses on reclaimed woodYou can purchase any piece shown here from Lauren’s Etsy shop or request a custom rack.

Gold Breyer horses on reclaimed woodThree gold Breyer horses on a rustic piece of wood. The gold gives this rack a little bit of glam.

Dappled grey Breyer horse on reclaimed woodA single dappled grey Breyer horse.

White Breyer horses attached to reclaimed wood

Breyer horse on reclaimed woodThis rack is almost too pretty to even hang anything. Gold Horse Rack for organizationEquine By Lauren also offers equine bookends and vintage pieces for sale.  Shop for everything on Etsy > 


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5 comments on “Organization from Equine By Lauren
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  2. Weekend Cowgirl says:

    These are wonderful! I wish Breyer made donkeys! I would love that!!! These are fabulous!!

  3. Dana Benjamin says:

    These are absolutely adorable and I want to make one now. I love the spray painted ones just as much as the natural ones!

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