I decided it was time that Tina gets a formal introduction as my sister & she wanted to do her own outfit post. I wanted to practice my camera skills so it was a win, win.

For those of you who follow along on Facebook, you know that Tina broke her hand while working with Shooter her colt. These photos were pre-broken arm.

Oh by the way, Tina is single too. So if you know of any eligible bachelors, you know where to send them.

The sassy pose. Tina is wearing Lucchese 2000 boots, a dress from Express & a vintage bracelet.

Tina & Cody.

Attack of the dogs!

  • Suzie here waving a big hello to Tina 🙂 I LOVE your dress girl!

  • I love these photos. Tina looks lovely.

  • HAHA at you trying to hook your sister up on the blog. I really like her outfit. I would rock the dress and boots. . .that’s right I would go country in the city for a day. Your sister is lovely.

  • Marti

    Hi Tina I hope you feel better soon

  • Phil Taylor

    Really nice set of photos … just saw these.
    The last one where Tina is playing dog food is too good.
    How is the arm/hand now ? … sorry to hear about the accident: Phil.

    • Raquel

      Thanks Phil, these were fun to take! Her hand is much better & she is starting to become more active with it.