Macie Bean Wave On Wave Boots

Macie Bean Wave On Wave Cowgirl Boots


Make a splash this summer in the arena with these Wave On Wave brown and turquoise chevron cowboy boots by Macie Bean! They feature multi color stitching and red piping to top it all off. You can buy these boots from PFI Western Store online.

Macie Bean Wave on Wave Square Toe Boots

These colors match just about anything and the chevron pattern will have you turning heads.

Macie Bean Square Toe Wave on Wave Boots

Whether you decide to tuck or not to tuck your jeans in, this statement is always in view.

Macie Bean Turquoise Wave on Wave Boots

Would you wear these?


Frozen Ruby Red Citrus Slush

Frozen Ruby Red Citrus Slush with Mint


It’s no secret I love a good cocktail, but I find them to taste even better when they are frozen in the form of popsicles or slush. Summer is just around the corner and these frozen ruby red citrus slush bowls are easy to make when you are hanging with the girls! All you need is grapefruit, some fresh mint leaves and Palm Breeze Ruby Red Citrus. Palm Breeze is a flavored malt beverage (FMB). This basically means it’s an alcoholic drink made with a malt base, kind of like beer (but way better). It’s easy to feel like you are on vacation when you are sipping Palm Breeze’s Ruby Red Citrus out of a grapefruit.


Palm Breeze Ruby Red Citrus Drink


I am no stranger to Palm Breeze and have been enjoying this beverage since I headed to San Diego for the Palm Breeze Blo Blow Dry Bar Event at the beginning of this month. Palm Breeze is available in two flavors; Ruby Red Citrus and Pineapple Mandarin Orange. While I really do enjoy them both, the Ruby Red Citrus is my absolute favorite.

Frozen Ruby Red Citrus Slush


If you live in Texas you can head to Dallas in a couple days for Girl’s Night Out on May 28th at BLO Knox for drinks, appetizers and free blo outs! RSVP online here > 

Frozen Ruby Red Citrus Slush with Mint Leaves


Make sure you select a nice and round grapefruit that will stand up straight otherwise your bowls could get a little tipsy ; )

Frozen Ruby Red Citrus Slush

Yield: 3 drinks

A frozen ruby red citrus slush with mint.


  1. 3 large grapefruits
  2. 3 cans Palm Breeze Ruby Red Citrus
  3. Grapefruit juice (reserved from the inside of the fruit)
  4. Mint leaves


  1. Freeze Palm Breeze overnight in a shallow container.
  2. Cut the tops off the grapefruit and scoop out the insides of the fruit with a spoon.
  3. Spoon in frozen slush and squeeze a little grapefruit juice on top from the inside and garnish with mint leaves.
  4. Serve with a straw and enjoy!

Palm Breeze Ruby Red Citrus Slush


You can pick up Palm Breeze at your local grocery store to enjoy with the girls at your next get together.

Palm Breeze Frozen Ruby Red Citrus Slush


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Home Is Where Your Boots Are

Home Is Where Your Boots Are - Book Review


I have to admit I don’t read many books anymore for fun; I read emails, I read directions, I read motivational books and I read what I have to daily. But it’s nice to make time for a good book that makes you laugh or smile. A girly novel or perhaps a “chick flick on paper” is just what we need sometimes. I recently read Home Is Where Your Boots Are by Kalan Chapman Lloyd and really enjoyed it. The book is the first one in Lloyd’s series The MisAdventures of Miss Lilly and is available now on Amazon for purchase.

The book has romance, mystery, and plenty of adventure as Lilly heads back home after her love life comes crashing down.

Home Is Where Your Boots Are Ebook Cover

 Chances are if you enjoy reading Horses & Heels updates, you’ll have fun reading Home Is Where Your Boots Are. I won’t go into too many details because I would hate to ruin the book for you.

The cover art features cowboy boots of course and I thought it would be fun to share more photos from the cover shoot.Home Is Where Your Boots Are  review on Horses & HeelsTo celebrate the release of Home Is Where Your Boots Are, we are going to be giving away a paperback copy on Instagram. Head on over to Horses & Heels’ Instagram account right now and follow the instructions on the familiar cowboy boot photo.

Home Is Where Your Boots Are book review on Horses & Heels

Buy the book on Amazon here > 

My Thoughts on Leasing a Horse

Black and White Paint Horse


Many of you know back in October I moved to New York City and made the decision to lease out my mare, Rumor. You can read that post from the beginning here > It was a tough choice to make but it so far the lease has been working out above my expectations. The purpose of blog post is to give you some updates from myself and shed some light on what a real life lease is like.

If you are considering leasing a horse or leasing out your own horse, this post is for you.

Let’s go back to the beginning; in September my husband was offered a job in NYC that he couldn’t pass up. I knew it wasn’t going to be financially possible to bring a horse to keep even outside of the city. I had the option of leaving my horse behind to stay in Ohio at my parents and basically be a pasture pet, sell or ding, ding – what about a lease? I knew a lease would only work with the right person.

This is where Ashley came in, I had posted on Facebook that I was going to be offering Rumor for sale soon and was basically putting the word out there. Ashley and I had been blogging friends for a number of years so I filled her in with a private message and she half-joking mentioned she would take her and I half-joking said that would be perfect. Neither of us thought this would actually happen at this time but the more we both thought about it, we started talking about the realities and both started to commit to the idea.

The process

Determine a length of the lease and the terms. You and your lessee need to be on the same page with everything. Talk about who is in charge of expenses, transportation and what happens if an unforeseen injury or death occurs to the horse. Anything can happen when animals are involved and both parties need to be aware. Think about things like insuring your horse and how you would handle things if the unspeakable would happen. Ashley is currently doing a free lease with Rumor which means I don’t charge her for using Rumor but she pays for all her basic care as if she were her own.

Make a contract

Although Ashley and I verbally agreed on everything there still needed to be a contract, this is your just in case security blanket. Do not lease your horse out without a contract, this is how horses get sold, stolen or relationships can turn ugly very quickly. If there is no contract it turns into he said, she said. Your contract can include anything you want (I found a basic lease contract online and edited to my needs) keeping it simple. Ashley and I both signed it and I haven’t looked at it since then, but it’s there.

Some contracts are very wordy and are filled with dos and don’ts for both parties. Is there anything the lessor isn’t allowed to do with your horse? For me the answer was no, but there are some people who won’t allow their horses to go to certain shows or participate in certain classes.

Our contract says that I can take Rumor back at any point in time if I feel like she isn’t being properly treated. Likewise, it says Ashley can send Rumor back before the year is up if things just aren’t working out. I did this because the goal of this relationship and lease is to make everyone happy! Now if you are leasing your horse for money you might want to put a clause that says if your horse is returned, the lessee has to pay the remaining term.

Black and White Paint Mare

How things are working

Now lets fast forward to present day, I am currently living in California and this has assured me that leasing Rumor was the best idea. Adam was offered another job here in December so we moved half way across the country, Rumor and I are on opposite coasts.

Sometimes when you lease a horse you still keep them at your barn or you see them often but Ashley and I are doing a long distance lease, I haven’t seen Rumor since December but Ashley sends me photos, videos and keeps me up to date on what she and Rumor are up to.

At this point everyone is happy, Rumor and Ashley have been learning and growing together and with the exception of misbehaving a few times I usually only get good updates. It’s very comforting to me to know that Rumor is happy doing her job, she enjoys the fuss and being ridden. Ashley has been doing barrels with Rumor and they are getting to know each other more with each show. She even blogs about her over on her site, The North Carolina Cowgirl.


Considering a lease:

Okay, maybe you are considering leasing a horse or leasing out your own horse there are a few things that need to be permanently etched in the back of your mind.

Horses react differently to new riders/owners. Like I said before, horses are unpredictable animals. I had been honest and upfront with Ashley about all of Rumor’s behavior and training. But remember your horse is going to prove your right or wrong. I had NEVER been able to get Rumor to back off a trailer since I had owned her… you wouldn’t believe my surprise when I got a text from Ashley saying, “guess what Rumor just did…” I always considered that be a quirk that just wasn’t going to happen, but now she backs off a trailer like a pro for Ashley. Ashley had also never ridden Rumor or seen her in person before this lease but I sent her videos and gave her as many details as I could. We both got really lucky because there could have been a chance that these two didn’t click.


New environments introduce new situations. Rumor has been used to being by herself since I owned her, but hauled with other horses to shows. Ashley has three other horses and she hasn’t been turned out with a group since I owned her. Ashley slowly introduced Rumor to her herd and everyone gets along great, especially Rumor and Gracie. If your horse is being leased outside of your current barn or property, you need to consider environmental changes. Speaking of environments, North Carolina weather is a little different than Ohio weather. And we have found out that Rumor has mild allegories that she didn’t have in Ohio. It’s probably from a plant or pollen that doesn’t exist in Ohio. Think about new situations your horse could be introduced to and how they might handle them.


Not everyone does what they say they will. I don’t have any examples of this because so far Ashley and I have done everything we said. But I have heard a few lease horror stories and I am sure you have as well.


Are you the kind of person who can lease your horse? Leasing isn’t for everyone, plain and simple. People who like to be in control of every situation probably shouldn’t lease out their horse. If you have any doubts about a lease, don’t do it. A lease shouldn’t be entered into lightly and it takes the right kind of people to make them work.

Black and White Paint Mare with Blue Eyes

Do you have any experiences leasing a horse before?

Spring Strolling in Stetson

Pomeranian and cowboy boots


I love Sundays in California, these days are meant for exploring new areas, beach days, bike rides, tacos, and lots of walking. For the first time since I moved here life has been starting to slow down. A day off can easily feel like vacation around here and a great outfit makes the day even better. I am in love with this Aztec Handkerchief dress from Stetson (today’s outfit is brought to you by Stetson but this is not a sponsored post).

Stetson Aztec Handkerchief Dress


Stetson has always been full of western style and carries a full selection of riding boots, cowgirl boots, trendy hats, western wear and so much more! In general when I think of the brand Stetson it’s their western and Panama hats that first come to mind, then boots. But the dress proves apparel should not be overlooked at this fine western store. The overall fit of the dress was great (I’m wearing size small) and it features a drawstring waist so it’s guaranteed to be a perfect fit on anyone. The four point handkerchief hem is sassy and flirty. The print features red, pink and just a touch of turquoise. This means you can pair the dress with accessories in any of those colors.

Sunny California StyleRavishing spring reds


I paired my dress with boots of course, this dress looks great with a denim jacket or vest on cooler days. Of course as Adam always says, “Mango is my favorite furry accessory.” Santa Monica is in full bloom right now and it’s absolutely beautiful.

She's My Cherry Pie Macie Bean Cowgirl BootsAztec Handkerchief Dress


You can find this dress and so much more online at Stetson. Stay tuned for another awesome outfit post with more from Stetson soon.Spring style in CaliforniaSouthwest style in California

Favorite Cowhide Pieces from IKEA

Favorite Cowhide Pieces from IKEA | Horses & Heels


I could never tire of decorating the home with cowhide pieces or looking for a good deal on cowhide items! Unless you have been living under a rock you are probably familiar with IKEA. You might also know they have some affordable cowhide rugs, but you might not have seen all of them or this awesome swivel footstool! I just discovered the footstool yesterday and have been lusting over it so I decided I had to share a few cowhide favorites.

Want more cowhide? Check out 12 Chic Cowhide Pillows for the Home, Cowhide Chairs + Inspiring Spaces, and Cowhide Rugs: 17 Ways.

Stockholm Footstool from IKEA

The Stockholm footstool is perfect for a living room, bedroom or office. It swivels and can be used as extra seating. It costs $279.00 which is pretty affordable considering its features. It also is available to order online which is really nice.


Koldby Brown Cowhide from IKEA

The Koldby cowhide rug in brown is super affordable for its size and is priced at $199.00, the only downside is this is only available in stores.


Kornum Cowhide Rugs from IKEA

The Kornum cowhide rugs come in four colors and offer fun patchwork prints for only $169.00. You do have to take a trip to IKEA to get your hands on one though.


Koldby Black Cowhide from IKEA

Here is the Koldby cowhide rug in classic black, also available for $199.00


Do you have any of these fun IKEA favorites?

Want more cowhide? Check out 12 Chic Cowhide Pillows for the HomeCowhide Chairs + Inspiring Spaces, and Cowhide Rugs: 17 Ways.

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