It’s time to encourage some more shopping, I have a promo code for you that you don’t want to miss.

First of all are you familiar with SugaRein?  Think of it as My Little Pony for grown ups & of course kids. SugaRein is fun, feisty & guaranteed to make your horse sparkle. You can add a variety of colorful extensions to your horse’s mane, tail & forelock.

Starting today through September 18, 2011 you can take 15 percent off of your purchases from SugaRein. Enter coupon code horsesandheels15 at the check out.


Happy shopping!!!

Remember – horsesandheels15

Photos from SugaRein Online

  • Cass

    I was reading a discussion on a community forum that I visit about stolen blog content. A woman on there was concerned because someone had taken pictures of her daughter and other content from her blog and posted it on another blog. The concerned woman posted a link to the blog that had stolen her content. I clicked over to it, and found this post, from your blog, copied onto it. Given the other content of this man’s blog, I am fairly certain you will want to address this.

    Here is a link to the discussion:

    Also, if you take the first part of your post and google it, you will find a link to this man’s blog.

    • Raquel

      Thanks Cass! Yes she did contact me & I still have to look into it! Ughhhh I can’t believe that!!

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  • Asteroids

    Great blog you have here, had lots of fun reading your post 🙂