Quarter Horse Congress Snap Shots

Swarovski crystal belts

Get ready to ooo & ahhh… I’m sharing just a couple of snap shots from my weekend at Quarter Horse Congress. Talk about sparkle & crystal overload. I’m not sure if I enjoy looking at belts or cowboy boots more, these were some gorgeous B.B. Simon belts though.

chunky western flower and cross necklaceThere was plenty of turquoise & pretty jewelry.

square turquoise buckleThis buckle was beautiful with topaz crystals.

Rodeo Quincy cowboy bootsGuess what? I only saw one store with Ariat’s new Quincy Collection, Pard’s Western Shop. My final conclusion? These boots are even more gorgeous in person, the photos that I had been looking at didn’t do them justice. I love  it when that happens.

leather and turquoise western bagThere were a lot of pretty purses & even Tina got a new bag. Not this one though, I will share it later.

I also got the most gorgeous jacket today… I’m in LOVE & will be sharing it soon. It’s time for a little thing that I like to call sleep.

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4 comments on “Quarter Horse Congress Snap Shots
  1. Fanny says:

    what a lovely items, i love the crystal stones incorporated in the shoes and belt.x

  2. Sharon says:

    Truthfully, until I started reading your blog, I never knew that Cowboy well, Cowgirl items were so decorative. If that is the right word. . oh wait. . .this one is better. . stylish. I just assumed that things were pretty basic in black and brown.
    This is why it is always so nice to connect with others 🙂

    • Raquel says:

      I’m glad to have opened your eyes to some stylish items ; ) I believe there are a lot of people who don’t realize the lifestyle & the look goes way beyond basic aka “boring”

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