Rainy Day Art Updates


One of my favorite projects has been creating these canvases. 

DIY horse head art, modern living room

If you follow me on Instagram you might recognize these gold and black canvases. Each time I snap a photo like this one, I always receive tons of compliments on the pieces. It’s hard to believe I created these as a DIY project years ago and never shared them here before.

The art has lived in Cleveland, New York City, Santa Monica, and now Los Angeles. I haven’t hung them up in the new apartment yet because I was unsure about where they should go. As I inspected the horses closely, I noticed some scratches and blemishes from the last move. It was time for a fresh paint and to get these babies back up on the wall.

DIY silhouette horse art

It doesn’t rain in southern California too often – but when it did last week I was inspired to stay in, get cozy and update my art.

DIY gold and black silhouette horse art

I moved a lot of my mirrors and artwork in the car, naturally I didn’t pack it that well since I wasn’t going far and one of the backs of my mirrors scratched the surface pretty bad.

DIY gold and black silhouette horse art touch up

Luckily I still had the same paint I originally painted these with. A little gold here, a little black there. All better.

DIY gold and black silhouette horse art touch ups

I stayed cozy with my boot cozies from Boottique .  What is it about the rain that is so relaxing? I’m also thinking about creating a couple more of these canvases to add to my collection (with a full DIY tutorial of course).

Do you have any DIY horse art you love?

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5 comments on “Rainy Day Art Updates
  1. Carly Kade says:

    Raquel! I would love to learn the details about how you created these canvases when you make more to add to your collection. I think a full DIY tutorial would ROCK! Thank you for always sharing great ideas and products on your social media feeds. I look forward to seeing your newsletter every Friday too! Have a great weekend. Carly (www.carlykadecreative.com)

  2. Susan Friedland says:

    I want those in my house!

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