Allow me to introduce you to my new friends, these are some of the latest Macie Bean Boots by Anderson Bean Boot Company. They are so new that they are not even on their website yet, but don’t worry they are coming to a retailer near you soon! These boots are beautiful and bright and its great to see a new style from Macie Bean. The red distressed leather looks great, the white inlays and stitching really pops. They feature snip toes and could easily be your next pair of “going out boots”. Beautiful right?

These boots are fantastic from every angle. Stay tuned because later today we will be kicking off a fabulous giveaway and I have a couple of more great posts to share before leaving for Europe.

Photos by Raquel

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    All the best to you and your hubby Raquel. Hope you have a magical wedding day and honeymoon.

    • Thank you Carole! We are soo looking forward to it! I’m in between airports right now doing the shuffle… lets hurry up and get there already! ; )