Review: B Vertigo Camelot Microfleece

Horze Cooler ReviewColder weather can make cooling down your horse a more challenging task, with some many different coolers & blankets out there we often find ourselves asking ‘what should my horse wear?’. Rumor & I had the opportunity to review the B Vertigo Camelot Microfleece blanket from Horze Equestrian. After a long workout in the cold it’s very important to put some sort of cooler on your horse to help them dry off so they don’t get chilled or sick. The only negative to coolers is sometimes they shift off your horse & are not suitable for the stall. This B Vertigo Microfleece did the job of a cooler & also stays in place, the blanket runs true to size & I was very impressed with its perfect fit.

B Vertigo Microfleece BlanketThe blanket fits great with a front closure & features tan piping & a fancy tan braid at the hip. You could also use this after bathing your horse on a cooler day or it’s perfect to take along to a show. The blanket is made of 100% polyester microfleece & will dry your horse off quickly.

B Vertigo Microfleece Blanket Review

Horze has a variety of other blankets to fit the needs of your horse & you can also get this fleece customized with your initials or other personalized details. Rumor is very happy about her new microfleece & it will be getting some heavy use around the barn this fall through spring time.

microfleece blanket c/o Horze Equestrian

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4 comments on “Review: B Vertigo Camelot Microfleece
  1. NC Cowgirl says:

    I’m going to be honest, I’ve never used a cooler on my horse after I ride in winter. Normally I don’t ride if it’s really cold and when I do ride I trail ride so my horse doesn’t sweat to much. However, this year I have to work Gracie because of her stifle stuff, so I guess I better start looking into this option. Thanks for sharing!

    • Raquel Lynn says:

      We get a much colder winter than you do so sometimes even fall or spring days can be awful. This is definitely one of the nicest coolers I have had yet & I love that it stays in place!

  2. Adam Adolfsson says:

    Here in Sweden most of the time in a year there is winter. So we always cover our horses with blankets during winter season. Recently I have bought a similar blanket for my horse from Hastbiten Ridsport in Stockholm. I am happy that I got a good blanket at a very good price. To have a look just click on this link below:

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