Tara will not tell anyone what they are getting

Let’s talk Christmas… Raise your hand if you already know what you are getting “Raises hand”.

I’m here in New York spending Christmas with my bf & his parents so I’m going to keep this short. Last minute gift shopping is my bf’s thing… It’s so last minute that we went shopping together yesterday. Bf & I started off together & he happened to notice the things that I liked or drooled over. When we were done with all of the stores he dropped me off at Banana Republic & said I will be back, well that narrows it down, my gift isn’t from Banana Republic.

I browse through Banana & he calls me to tell me he is done… Okay so I get in the car & I go to put up the window that I had cracked earlier (blame it on my spilled nail polish). I say, “Did you put that window up?” – He says, “Yeah I put it up when I went into Coach.” A moment of silence passes. “Did, I really just say that out load?”

Well that secret is out, I can now only wonder what it is from Coach but I think I have an idea ; )

The good thing is everything else is still a mystery so far.

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3 comments on “Can You Keep a Secret??
  1. grace says:

    hahah nice 🙂 my little brother was always the present spoiler and it was always unintentional
    I hope you post whatever new coach thing you get, I’m curious!

  2. Raquel says:

    There will definitely be photos later this week Grace!!! It was a good gift : )

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