Updated: These boots are no longer available, visit Rod’s online to shop current styles.

Happy Monday everyone! I have decided to showcase another pair of Lucchese boots. Can you tell how much I love Lucchese yet? Yes, I’m a little obsessed. This pair of Metallic Silver Stingray boots are my sister’s newest addition. She got these in the fall from Rod’s Western Palace, I’m definitely jealous but we can’t have the same ones now can we?

The details on these boots are great, the tops are hand stitched with silver thread to match the bottoms. I think if Annie Oakley were still around that she would probably have these. They look vintage with the perfect amount of modern flair.

  • sixthirtythree

    Very pretty!

  • Sisters and Sisters

    Beautil! How much do you have? 100? LOL
    I wear Sendra they make good cowboy shoes!


  • Melissa: Write it in Lipstick

    way cute, you should model some of theses!

    Write it in Lipstick

  • Fashion Mom

    why not have the same? if you don't wear them at the same time, it's ok I think.
    they look lovely x

  • Sabahan Bloggers Club

    How much this boot will cost me?
    I don't have cowboy boots yet….

  • Raquel

    Melissa~ your right I should.. I just need a photographer lol

    Sabahan~Your looking at $300-$400 for those~ if depending on where you find them

  • Laura

    I like the boots. They seem sendra to me. In fact, they seem to be made with stingray skin, I am mistaken? nice blog and nice catalog of boots!