Snaffle Bit Style with the Velvet Rider

Snaffle bit style with Velvet Rider

This is a guest post from the Velvet Rider. 

Hi everyone!  I am Jennifer from equestrian blog Velvet Rider, and I was ecstatic when Raquel asked me to do a guest post.  Today, I will be showing you how to add a little snaffle bit spice into your life and home.  The great thing about snaffle bits is that they transcend riding disciplines.  It doesn’t matter whether you ride English or Western the snaffle bit is always a great choice.  This makes it even easier when you want to add in this detail to your personal life, whether in décor or jewelry.  Traditionally, these details will feature the English version of the snaffle but how perfect to add this touch in!  It will let everyone know that you are an equestrian!

Here are some items that are the perfect additions!

Pinklette snaffle bit jewelry

Pinklette Bit Jewelry

I love seeing the snaffle bit used in unique ways and since equestrian styling is very “in” right now, you can find a lot of great options.  Pinklette has several beautiful options ranging in price from $29-52 as well as color choices.  Any of the items pictured below would be the perfect touch to any outfit.  Pick what’s right for you and flaunt your equestrian style!

Buy here

Lilo snaffle bit wallet

Lilo Parisian Checkbook Wallet

I adore this wallet by Lilo Collections!  If you are looking for a Chanel/Gucci inspired wallet to fit your budget, this is it.  It has the leather quilted stitching with a lovely bit detail.  It has room for all of your essentials and comes in classic black.  $76 (I would even get the matching gloves for a totally chic look!)

Buy here

Lilo deco bit belt

Lilo Deco Bit Belt

Also from Lilo Collections is this beautiful bit detailed belt.  It features two D-ring bits and is available in black Spanish leather, fully adjustable.  It’s a steal at $35.

Buy here

Arthur Court Snaffle bit frames

Arthur Court Snaffle Bit Frames

Not only would this look great in your room or house, but it’s also the perfect gift for your fellow equestrian.  We all know sometimes equestrians can be hard to shop for, but any horse lover will love this snaffle bit frame!  Comes in 4”x6” and priced at $25.99!

Buy here

equestrian snaffle bit towel

Equestrian Bit Tea Towel

This towel would look adorable in your kitchen or bathroom.  It’s a very simple yet stylish touch, and the coloring makes it perfect to go with any décor combinations.

This 100% preshrunken cotton tea towel features a handprinted equestrian snaffle bit design.  The snaffle bit blocks used to print this towel was designed and carved by hand.  Natural colored cotton is hand printed with water soluble black ink then heat set. Towel features a loop on one corner to easily hang it. $15

Buy here

equestrian snaffle bit pillows

Equestrian Bit Pillow Covers

Here is another fun equestrian Etsy find—bit pillow covers.  I love that these are made from a handcrafted full cheek snaffle bit block.  It gives it such an interesting and unique look.  It’s something that not everyone will have!  The coloring makes it very easy to use with a pop of color for a contemporary look.  $30

Buy here  

framed bits

Framed Bits

And last but not least, a do-it-yourself décor suggestion.  If you have any old bits lying around, clean them up and put them in a frame!  It’s so easy and inexpensive and will add a lot of character to your walls.  It could be as simple as an open front frame with a piece of burlap and a bit.  This is really where you could include your old Western snaffle bits (or any bits!) and display them.  Even better…have Raquel glitterize them for you then frame it!

I hope you all enjoyed this post on the ever fashionable snaffle bit.  You can find me and more equestrian posts over at Velvet Rider!  –Jennifer



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