Snap Shots: April

Mango lounges on a Lilly for Target Chair

April has been a blur of work and play, here are a few of my Instagram snaps from my personal account and Horses & Heels.

Above, Mango lounges on the new Lilly chairs, yes I went to Target at 8:00am on a Sunday to get my hands on the Lilly for Target collection. I ended up getting two chairs which was exactly what I wanted and am now working on decorating the “outdoor office” for comfortable work days.

Purple Flowers and Wall

Bright colors and blooms are everywhere in Santa Monica. Lots of dog walking with Mango on sunny days.

Ashley and Rumor Barrel Racing

Meanwhile in North Carolina Rumor and Ashley have been getting to know each other better. Photo from Rambling Cowgirl Photography on Instagram.

Bikes on the beach in Santa Monica

We bought bikes! There is nothing like a beach bike ride to clear your head and get some fresh ocean air. I guess it’s the same feeling you get from riding, my bike is my new horse for now.

Beach Time

My best friend flew into town and we shopped, biked and ate the days away with plenty of beach time.

Beachy Turquoise VibesThere are lots of turquoise vibes around the apartment.

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