Snap Shots: Fall Recap

Mango the Pomeranian This photo of Mango accurately describes how I’ve felt the last couple few months – exhausted. So much has happened that I haven’t shared in my newsletter or on social media, so I thought it was time for a snap shots update. Ps. all of these photos are from my Instagram account, @Horsesandheels_

September kicked off the fall wedding season for Adam and I. We went to upstate New York to kick things off and had a wonderful time. We flew back home to Los Angeles and I was behind on work, feeling stressed out. In the middle of my morning things went blurry and I had a hard time seeing. I chalked it up to being jet lagged and spent the rest of my day in bed. When I woke up the next morning with blurry vision, dizziness, and double vision still it was time to go to the doctors.

Urgent care told me to go to the eye doctor. The eye doctor told me I had perfect vision and I needed to go to the ER immediately because it was something neurological. After an MRI and blood tests, nothing showed up wrong. The next day I went to an ophthalmologist. He said it was time to do “a million dollar workup” and hope that all test results were negative. He suspected a lesion in my neck or a virus. We waited for days to get in with a neurologist and I started to get better after 11 days of this madness. The neurologist scanned my brain and said I most likely had a virus in my spine that resolved itself. I’m a pretty healthy person, so all of this was terrifying to me. Luckily I’m back to normal and appreciating my health more than ever.

Tecovas cowboy boots

In the month of October Adam and I flew back to Ohio for another wedding and to officially close down his recording studio that had been running for the past two years without him. It was fun to be back in Cleveland. Adam and I had so many good memories in that studio when we first started dating.

Purple Pozzi Pro Racer by Double J Saddlery

The month of October also meant something else to me. It had been two years since I sent Rumor off to North Carolina to live with Ashley. Now that Adam and I were much more stable with no plans of leaving Los Angeles, and I was working harder than ever – it was time to get my horse life back. Ashley had been leasing Rumor with the option available to buy her at the end of our lease. These two had been doing well together so Ashley decided to buy Rumor. It was harder than I thought it would be, I had already said goodbye but she was always mine. It felt weird to know that I was officially horseless. This brings me to now, I’m currently horse shopping.

Horse shopping isn’t fun and I have a pretty lengthy check list to find that perfect fit. Luckily I’m not in a hurry to purchase and am trusting the process.

Longines Masters posters

I’ve been decorating like crazy. Every apartment I’ve lived in has never been finished, I always ended up moving before it’s done. This time is different, I’m up to my elbows in DIYs, ordering furniture, and organizing. I’ll share projects and room reveals as I go along.

brunch at Sqirl in Los Angeles

You can never go wrong with brunch a Sqirl. On most days I cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner so it’s nice to go out to a favorite spot.

organized bar cart

As the holiday whirlwind approaches, I’m looking forward to laying low in LA. I’m not going home for the holidays so I’ll be doing fun staycation at home.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for gift guides next week!

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3 comments on “Snap Shots: Fall Recap
  1. NC Cowgirl says:

    I’m happy Rumor is staying permanently but she will ALWAYS be OURS and not just mine! 😉 Whenever you come to visit, she can be all yours! Heck Gracie will even love you to death for that because she’ll get my full attention again. LOL

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