Snap Shots From My Week


Today I have decided to share a few of my favorite snapshots I took this week. I’ve been extremely busy, I’ve been making big plans & I have a lot going on. I couldn’t decide on just one topic for today so here goes some of my favorite moments from the week that I captured.

Tara yesterday, it was freezing. It was time to bust out her colorful stable jacket.

Pink skin = extra sensitive. Rumor’s new hair on zebra bit guards from Smith Brothers.

Enter more cooking. Vegetable pizza rolls. I also made spicy sausage soup & have about 3 more recipes that I need to make this week.

Oh & this pink elephant? Well October is breast cancer awareness month. Wear your pink with pride.

Here’s to another amazing week!

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9 comments on “Snap Shots From My Week
  1. AudreyAnn says:

    PLEASE share that recipe! lol

  2. Suzie Salmon says:

    May I please have the spicy sausage soup recipe too 🙂 Pleeeeaaazzzzeeee!!!

  3. Gillette says:

    How many horses do you have? And the Pumpkin Heath Bars looks delish!!!

    Lette’s Haven

  4. It seems you have passed a wonderful wekk. I would like to have this kind of more post in your blog. Best of luck.

  5. sisters says:

    what a great photo, we love the last one!


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