Stable Style: 8 Tack Rooms to Inspire
I love to drool over-nice horse barns & stables, it’s like being able to peak into another girl’s closet. One of the many sites that I have been cruising around lately is, it’s perfect for the design obsessed, getting ideas on decorating or even finding a contractor or architect. Here are eight tack room inspired spaces, some are tack rooms & others are nicely decorated offices or homes with tack. Come & drool away with me! Ps. you can click directly on any of the photos for more details.
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2 comments on “Stable Style: 8 Tack Rooms to Inspire
  1. Queen in Heels says:

    Not sure exactly what tack is (I am going to go look it up after this comment) however, I know what a beautiful room is and these are just that.

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