Stable Style: Beautiful Weather Vanes

Beautiful weather vanes add style and charm to any barn or stable. 

Horse Weather Vane on a Cupola


There are some pieces or parts of a barn that give it a classic look, weather vanes sitting on top of a barn or cupola give a place real equestrian charm. A lot of barns on the East Coast have weather vanes and this antique or modern piece definitely comes at a price. Today weather vanes are purely decorative but they used to tell the direction of the wind, from the top of a barn they appear small but are actually pretty large in size.

Above, a horse weather vane on a cupola.

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Three Day Eventer Horse Weather Vane

A three day eventer weather vane from Tuck & Holand.

Red Horse Weather Vane

Red horse weather vane on top of a red cupola.

Mare and Foal Weather Vane

Mare and foal weather vane.

Horse Weather Vane on the Barn

Weather vane with green glass details.

Old Antique Horse Weather Vane

If you don’t have your own barn, consider putting one in the house as decor.

Three Day Eventer Horse Weather Vane and Standing Horse

Another shot of the three day eventer weather vane and a standing horse from Tuck & Holand.

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