Stable Style: LuckyJack Farm Dinner Party


Sharing a stunning summer soiree with lots of stable style from Rue Daily.

LuckyJack Farms pastures and driveway

Would you like to have dinner in a barn? I would! When I read about this summer dinner party hosted at LuckyJack Farm on Rue Daily, I knew it had to be shared on Horses & Heels. LuckyJack Farm is located in Southern California in Rancho Santa Fe, close to San Diego and the Del Mar Racetrack. LuckyJack Farm is a private hunter-jumper facility and is not open to the general public unless you are lucky enough to have an invitation to stop by.

I am sharing just a few of the stunning photos captured by Shane and Lauren Photography, you can read all of the details and see the rest of the photos on Rue Daily if you can’t get enough.

Stalls facing out with lots of greenery and beautiful design

The landscaping around LuckyJack Farm is absolutely beautiful, the barn looks great and is well designed for the comfort of the horses.

Southwestern and Boho Seating in front of the barn

For the dinner party a cozy seating section was set up with boho and Southwest vibes.

Horses in their stalls

Content horses in their stalls. Leather halter and lead and a blanket

Blankets were hung on the nearby stall doors by the dinner table.

A horse at LuckyJack Farms

A flea bitten grey. A table set in the barn for the dinner party

The interior of the barn and the “dining room”. I am captivated by the design of this barn and the amount of natural light it lets in. The colorful benches and flowers make the table so inviting.

Bright and bold tablescape

An ariel view of the table and place settings. Colorful flower, succulent and cacti arrangements

The flowers were covered in Pendleton style wool and there were cacti and succulents in colorful painted ceramics. Dinner in the barn aisle, cheers

It looks like the dinner was a success!

Remember, for more photos and get the details behind this summer soiree please visit Rue Daily and prepare yourself for even more amazing photos. This was definitely a day filled with plenty of stable style.

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Photos by Shane and Lauren Photography


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2 comments on “Stable Style: LuckyJack Farm Dinner Party
  1. Jessica says:

    Wow, it looks beautiful. I would go to dinner there any time.

  2. This is what I imagine heaven looks like

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