Stable Style: Rebecca Ray Designs’ Tack Room

Inside Rebecca Ray Designs' Gorgeous Tack RoomAre you ready for the latest stable style feature?

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of Rebecca Ray Designs, I have featured RRD plenty here before. See A Bit of Holiday with Rebecca Ray, Designer Spotlight Rebecca Ray Designs, Seeing Yellow with Rebecca Ray, and A Trip To The Rebecca Ray Sample Sale. Speaking of the sample sale – it’s today! If you are lucky enough to live in Ohio (like I used to) or be in Chagrin Falls, I highly recommend the trip. You can also call in to shop if you are not there, head over to Facebook for those details.

When Rebecca invited me over to see her new barn and tack room at Hemlock Lane at Valley High, I was thrilled! Take a look at the gorgeous tack room and check back next week for more scenes around the barn.

Winter Arrangement with Pine ConesA beautiful and fragrant winter arrangement.

Beautiful artwork and animal skullsThe tack room represents Rebecca’s equestrian and sporting lifestyle.

Peppermints and dog treatsTreats for the dogs and peppermints, the dog’s kennel is right off the tack room.

Island and sink in the tack roomWouldn’t this be a nice place to relax after a ride?

Clean English SaddlesSaddles stored neatly in their place.

English Riding Helmet

Bits neatly hanging in the tack roomBits are also hung and easy to reach. Pony Driving BridleAn adorable driving bridle for Licorice, the Shetland pony. Bridles in the tack roomMore bridles and reins. Thoroughbred ArtworkThoroughbred artwork. English saddles and tackDriving harnesses in the tack roomThe Percheron’s harnesses. Old HornsOld horns.

English Riding BootsRiding boots. High ceilings and lovely accents frame this tack roomI cannot get enough of this view! Clean bridles hanging neatlyTack Room Door LabelThe tack room door. Cozy corner inside Rebecca Ray Designs' Tack RoomA cozy place to relax after a ride. Well worn leather chair and vintage horse pillowHorse pillow and a comfortable chair.
Rebecca Ray Designs PillowOne of Rebecca’s own pillows.
Rebecca Ray Designs Pillow and horse art

I hope you have enjoyed this feature as much as I did, thanks for the tour Rebecca! Check out the rest of Rebecca’s barn here in the second feature on her barn.

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16 comments on “Stable Style: Rebecca Ray Designs’ Tack Room
  1. erin says:

    Quite the place to relax!

  2. M3 says:

    Love the photos, but I wondered why the tack was not cleaned and oiled and the boots were caked with dry mud? Wah! THis is ritual!

  3. Laura says:

    What an amazing tack room! I am more the western girl, however. My dream tack room would have a western themed kitchen, ranch pictures hanging on the wall, and plenty of custom-made, wall- mounted, wooden saddle racks. My dream barn would be a light brown color on the outside. It would have about 20 stalls, a large indoor arena with the perfect consistency of footing, and a wash stall with hot and cold water.
    Just wanted to say that I just discovered this blog and am so glad I did! I have enjoyed all of the posts. Thank you!

  4. Jamece Vincent says:

    LOVE this tack room! What an amazing place to just hang after a great ride! I’m not sure I would ever go back in the house! 😉 Although I am sure the house with this tack room is amazing as well.
    I love the wall that the saddles are hung on, I might have to do something like this in my tack room. My dream tack room would be very similar to this one, although I would like it to be connected to an indoor arena so people could relax and watch others ride. Basically, a living room/kitchenette with tack! 🙂
    Beautiful, you decorate very well!


  5. Alyssa Smolen says:

    This is a tack room?! If my house could look this nice I’d be in heaven! Absolutely gorgeous 🙂 My dream barn and tack room would be really simple and modern. I’d love to have everything nice and organize, similar to this. I love the addition of treats for the dogs. I love the western theme, so I’d love to have some gorgeous photographs and decorations to go with the overall theme!

  6. Christine Casillas says:

    Beautiful! One of these days, I’m hoping to be able to design these types of tack rooms for people as a full time job and be featured here! Lovely work. I’m so glad I came across your blog. Fabulous!

  7. Lori Ross says:

    Lol..rt..I wish all the tack rooms in the farms and stables that I sell looked like this. But realistically? Needs more functionality

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