Stable Style: Stall Doors and Windows

Horses in their stalls, Spanish stylingAfter a long day of riding or a hard day of work, horse owners smile at the sight of their horses resting peacefully in their stalls. This addition of Stable Style features beautiful stall fronts and doors to the outside. Scroll through for plenty of style, design and beauty. Ps. if you know  the original source of any of the images below listed as unknown, let us know!

Above Image Source: Via Houzz

Lucas Equine Equipment StallsA beautiful sliding exterior door in black.

Image Source: Lucas Equine

Dutch Doors and Brick StableA set of dutch doors with a view and charming brick.

Image Source: Lucas Equine

Spanish Style ArchitectureEmbrace warmer temperatures with this Spanish/Mediterranean style windows.

Image Source: Unknown

Stall Front at the Spanish Riding SchoolCharming stall front at the Spanish Riding School in Austria.

Image Source: Thomas Rodvelt via Flickr

Metal Stall DoorsAiry and spacious metal stall doors for easy view ability.

Image Source: Unknown

Rustic Barn with Cream and Blue Dutch DoorsThere is a certain rustic delight about this cream and blue dutch doors.

Image Source: Unknown

Arched Barn DoorArched barn door with stone.

Image Source: Lucas Equine

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One comment on “Stable Style: Stall Doors and Windows
  1. Ann says:

    Those are really fabulous.
    I seriously never thought of seeing such
    amazing stables.

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