Steer Skull + Bar Cart Home Decor Inspiration

a well stocked bar cart with a steer skull and antlers hanging above it

Photo from A Beautiful Mess

Decorating your home can be a slow and rewarding process. You have to search for the perfect pieces, figure out the flow of a room, and create a space that you love. The Silver Lake apartment is the only place I lived where I considered the decorating to be done.

My decorating focus in our new house has been on and off. I started out with a bang decorating out patio with Pier 1, then I bought a horse and it derailed my focus. Fall has started to approach and I found myself getting inspired again. I’m making a list of the decor I want to buy, sell, and DIY.

steer skull and antlers above the bar cart

Photo from A Beautiful Mess

I’m currently working on operation “bar cart wall” right now. I spent months tracking down the right candle sticks and black taper candles to sit on the bar cart. The only thing missing now is a steer skull above the cart. I think I’ll hit up the Rose Bowl Flea Market next month to find the perfect skull. I’m loving how Emma from A Beautiful Mess displayed multiple antlers and skulls above her bar cart.

The common area downstairs at Wander Inn

The Wander Inn offers lots of inspiration for decorating with cow skulls.

an old sign and a steer skull

 I love how the placement of the skull brings your eyes up.

Ceramic Cow Skull Hanging Above The Bar Cart

I hung ceramic skull above the bar cart in our Santa Monica apartment. I’m thinking I want something a little more rustic for the new place.

I’ll share my bar cart wall makeover once it’s complete. For now, I’ll keep searching on Pinterest for more dreamy spaces. What home decor projects are you working on right now?

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