Store Spotlight: Old Sole Boot Company

Vintage boots from Old Sole Boot CompanyBrand new boots are nice, but what about vintage boots or that special pair of used boots that you are searching for? It’s time for me to introduce you to Old Sole Boot Company, they specialize in selling vintage boots & helping you find that certain pair of rare boots with their boot market.

Pictured are some of the current boots available. I also want to introduce you to Kyle, the driving force behind Old Sole Boots with a fun Q&A.

vintage boots from Old Sole Boot Company

All of the boots you see here can be found online & of course if you don’t see a pair in you size that you would like tell Kyle what you are looking for with the boot market & you can also sell you boots too!

vintage boots from Old Sole Boot CompanyI think everyone needs at least one great pair of vintage boots in their closet.
vintage boots from Old Sole Boot CompanyQ. What are your favorite pair of cowboy boots that you currently own? 

Kyle: I would have to say that I have two favorite pair, for two different reasons.  My first favorite pair are what I call my ‘junk boots’.  I call them that with all of the utmost respect and love! I named them ‘Junk Boots” because you can do any kind of junk you want to do in them..they are always perfect!  They are a pair of Rod Patrick boots, very well worn, with a lot of scars, and beautiful tall dark green shafts.  My second pair are the boots I dreamed about..a pair of boots with cactus on them.  Was so thrilled when I found them in my size.  They are Justins from their vintage line and are roughouts with pointed toes and cactus on the shafts. I love them!

Q. If you could have any pair of cowboy boots (vintage or brand new), what pair would they be?

Kyle: This is easy….a pair of Rocketbuster boots!  I would die to have a pair, no matter what they looked like.  They make the most amazing boots.  Someday, when I’ve ‘made it’, I’m gonna have a pair…mark my words!

Q. Who is your favorite designer?

Kyle: Again, Rocketbuster wins.

Q. What is the most rewarding part about running Old Sole?

Kyle: I am having so much fun with Old Sole that it’s hard to even think of it as a job sometimes.  I suppose it would be ‘personal shopping’ for folks…helping them find their dream boots.  Many times, they are folks with hard to fit feet or they have their heart set on a certain kind of boot and haven’t been able to find it.  I love to scout out a great pair for them.

Q. How do you find most of your boots?

Kyle: Boy, my boots come from antique malls, flea markets, from friends and acquaintances, from customers, online and even out of the garage of a fledgling rock band!

Q. Tell us about boot market and some of the unique requests you receive?

Kyle: I have a lot of requests from women who are looking for boots to wear for their wedding. One of my requests was for a pair of Casadei boots, like the ones Miranda Lambert wore in her much talked about wedding to Blake Shelton.  They are satin with embroidery and mega crystals and sell for over $1,000.

Q. What is the most challenging part about that?

Kyle: Many times, their description for what they want is something like “fancy” or “wild” or “sensational”… when asked more details about what that means to them, their response is often, “I’ll know them when I see them”.

vintage boots from Old Sole Boot CompanyPhotos from Old Sole online, please contact them for all boot inquiries & happy shopping!


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