Stylish Saddle Home Decor: 10 Ways


10 stylish spaces decorated with english and western saddles. 

Western saddle bar stools

Looking to make a western or equestrian statement in your home? Add a saddle or two to an unexpected place and personalize your home with these unique pieces. Last week on Facebook I shared a photo of some english bar stools and the response was so positive that I decided to create this post to inspire you. If you have horses, you probably have an old saddle you are considering selling or one that isn’t being used anymore – repurpose it!

Above, bar stools are a classic and western saddles like this are perfectly repurposed. You can visit this bar in Montana if you head to The Ranch at Rock Creek. This luxury ranch will absolutely inspire you.

Saddle barstools

In case you want to skip decorating and head straight to shopping – these saddle barstools are beautiful. Shop online > 

English saddles hanging from beams in a library room

If your home has a beautiful set of beams in any of the rooms you must take advantage! Hang a saddle or two from the top like in this beautiful reading room. The original photo source is unknown, sorry no details about this room.

Western saddle hanging from a beam

This is another great example of beams done right, a western saddle hangs from the beam with a bridle close by. You can see more photos of this dreamy space on the Swedish site Lantliv.

Vintage english saddle bar stools

This is the photo of english bar stools I shared on Facebook originally. I don’t know the original source, but if you do let me know!

Vintage Western Saddle

Put a vintage saddle in a corner and hang a couple of photos over it, photo source unknown.

English saddles in the entryway

A couple of english saddles near an entryway could be decor or even just a place to store their saddles when not in use. Photo from Tasmanian Home Renovation.

Western saddle hanging on the wall

I love how this space mixes metal with wood and a variety of textures. Photo found on the design traveller.

English and western saddle in the living room

This well curated home has an english and western saddle in this space styled by Kathryn M. Ireland and shared by Veranda. Ps. the rest of the photos are dreamy, so check them out!

Western saddle at the foot of the bed

A well placed saddle sits on top of a trunk in this bedroom, it’s very rustic. Photo found on Partey House with plenty of other rustic bedrooms.

English saddle bar stools

This modern apartment in London has two english saddle bar stools in the kitchen. Check out the rest of the apartment on Houzz.

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