SugaRein Giveaway
Drum roll please… It is time for another fantastic giveaway.

One awesome Horses & Heels reader will win TailSuga in the color of their choice.

You might remember when I raved about the product SugaRein a while back. If not, allow me to refresh your memory with SugaRein Shines. You can read more about SugaRein & its fabulous creator Lynzee there or just go to SugaRein’s newly done official site (shout of to Cowgirl Expressions for doing a wonderful job).

But enough of me talking, I will let the photos speak for themselves.




Tail Perfection.

What is not to love? To enter just simply comment below & please remember to leave your email address so I can contact you! You can check out all of the colors of TailSuga here. The contest will run for one week & the winner will be notified by email next Wednesday, June 15th.

Good luck!!!


Photos by Tricia Meteer of Equinox Photo
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24 comments on “SugaRein Giveaway
  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw you at NFR and loved your product. I have told all my cowgirlfriends, especially the ones that show. They all oohhhed and ahhed at the variety of colors. We are riding in the Oceanside 4th of July parade near Camp Pendleton. Can't wait to show off our sparkle. Thanks, Cindy

  2. Anonymous says:

    i love these!! i think my horse would look so great with some blue extensions!! or any color, really!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ooooh, how fun!! I want some!!! I just got a new mare and what a fun way to make her all summery looking!!
    Thanks! Chris

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sign me up!!! What a cool giveaway! My little mare would love these ~ Erin

  5. Sisters and Sisters says:

    The last one is our favorite! Love the blue:)

    H&C from Amsterdam

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wanna win!!!!! oh my gosh these are sooo cool

  7. Anonymous says:

    wow! these are awesome! They would definitely give any horse some glam 🙂 even the pretty boy horses! My horse would look good at ANY barrel race with SugaRein! hope to hear from y'all 🙂

  8. Melissa: Write it in Lipstick says:

    I dont have a horse so good luck to the winner 🙂

  9. Emily says:

    Oh I have been drooling over SugaRein ever since I found out about them! My little mare would look FABULOUS with some bright blue sparkle in her tail! Her poor mommy can't afford one for her, so she would LOVE to win one. 🙂

  10. tinhair says:

    My daughter would LOVE the SugaRein. They are very fashionable and

  11. The Farmer's Trophy Wife says:

    My girlie would LOVE this for her pony…HIS name is Sheila….

  12. Fashion Mom says:

    waw, this is so cool!
    if my daughter will see this, she certainly wants to have it.
    I follow her on twitter, but I don't have a facebook account yet.
    hugs x

  13. the beautiful native by darla says:

    very beautiful…

  14. Anonymous says:

    They are so fabulous. I would love to flash them around at barrel races and advertise them for you. Plus my horses would look great with them!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Pick me, pick me!!!!! Sara

  16. Michelle says:

    Beautiful and sassy! Love them!

  17. Stacie says:

    These look awesome! I compete at in Cowboy Mounted Shooting and this would look awesome on my black horse!

  18. Samantha says:

    Horse tail "highlights" very wicked. 😛 Yet another way to accessorize!! Love!! <3

  19. Anonymous says:

    My flashy and gay gelding would just squeal at the chance of winning more bling to add to his accessories! He would certainly priss and switch himself all over the pasture only to show it off to the mares!
    Thanks y'all!

  20. Anonymous says:

    These are beautiful! Love them!

  21. Raquel says:

    The giveaway has ended! Congrats Emily & Kass!

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