Talah in Turquoise by Lane Boots

Lane Talah Boots

I love you, I love you & I love you!

I’m speaking about the boots, of course. These are the Talah in Turquoise by Lane Boots & I know I shared them on my Polyvore sets on Friday but lets face it, the photo of the boots weren’t big enough. I’ve been crushing on these boots since I saw them in January at the Denver Market, I can’t believe that was almost a year ago!

Turquoise Lane Boots

These boots are beautiful from all angles. They are edgy but the turquoise gives them a “softer” western look. I realize this is the first time I’m posting a pair of shorter boots on a Monday & I don’t know why, I love short boots.

Turquoise Talah boot by Lane

These boots are absolutely on the “get in my closet list”.

What do you think about them?


3 comments on “Talah in Turquoise by Lane Boots
  1. Phil Taylor says:

    I am slowly beginning to form a vague impression that you might like these maybe perhaps ha ha.
    You have as always excellent style taste – really great set of footwear! Love the studs – edgy look.

  2. I love the color…very Cha-Cha! Would be so cute with jeans…

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