Tara Kiwi Tees
Cowgirl Cool by Tara Kiwi

Cowgirl Cool

I love that horse tees in all prints & styles are chic & in style right now. Even the non riders are sporting the equestrian trend; of course once a horse person, always a horse person. These awesome tee shirts are by Tara Kiwi, a company that captures the essence of an equestrian & west coast lifestyle. Los Angeles based designer & creator behind the brand is Tara Hammond Leu.

Cavalcade Gates of the Horse by Tara Kiwi

Gates of the Horse

This awesome shirt is a collaboration between Cavalcade & Tara Kiwi, you can read more about it online at Tara Kiwi.

Bred in California by Tara Kiwi

Bred in California

The Bred in California tee is a must have for any California native or lover of the state.

Mixed Up Bits by Tara Kiwi

Mixed Up Bits

Where you own a horse, simply love horses or just want to sport the equestrian trend; Tara Kiwi has a shirt for just about everyone. You can see more shirts & designs online at TaraKiwi.com.

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One comment on “Tara Kiwi Tees
  1. Brittany says:

    I love the tank! That is super cute! Thanks for sharing, I have never heard of Tara Kiwi Tees before.

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