Tecovas Jessie Full-Quill Ostrich Boots

Finally, an gorgeous pair of ostrich cowboy boots that won’t break the bank.

Southwest style in the desert

I spent my Christmas in the desert. After a busy and eventful year Adam and I booked a cute little home in Joshua Tree with a hot tub and fire pit thanks to Airbnb.

If you’ve never visited Joshua Tree before, you are missing out. The park is unlike any other – wide open spaces, massive rock formations, cacti, and Joshua Trees were amazing to see. We stayed for four days and three nights, and both agreed that we needed one more day in the park. I picked out some of the most popular hikes and destinations including Skull Rock, Jumbo Rocks, Mt. Ryan, and Barker Damn.

The Cholla Cactus Garden in Joshua Tree

This is the Cholla Cactus Garden. It’s a quarter-mile loop heavily populated with cholla cacti. I knew this would be a beautiful spot to take some photos so I took the opportunity to show off my newest pair of Tecovas Boots.

Tecovas Jessie Ostrich cowboy boots in Bourbon

Meet the Tecovas Jessie full-quill ostrich boot in Bourbon. It’s also available in Midnight black.

Southwest style in the Cholla Cactus garden at Joshua Tree

I paired them with my favorite denim and a new southwest wrap/scarf from my sister-in-law and her husband.

Tecovas cowboy boots in the Cholla cactus garden

Just like other Tecovas Boots, the Jessie boot is comfortable and well-made. I’m going to put these babies through the ringer and am using them as my barn and riding boots from now on. I have a feeling they will last for a very long time.

Southwest style in the Cholla Cactus garden at Joshua Tree in California

Tecovas Jessie Ostrich cowboy boots in beautiful Bourbon

A close up of these beauties.

Southwest style at the Cholla Cactus garden

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Tecovas Jessie Ostrich cowboy boots

If you have any questions about Tecovas or Joshua Tree, just leave a comment below!

Tecovas Jessie Boots provided c/o Tecovas  photos by Adam Korbesmeyer

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6 comments on “Tecovas Jessie Full-Quill Ostrich Boots
  1. Gary says:

    So where is Joshua Tree !
    How does a Jesse boot vary from my two Tecovas boots ??

    • Raquel says:

      Joshua Tree is about 2.5 hours away from Los Angeles and 30 minutes away from Palm Springs. It’s a great place to relax and be in nature. Honestly they fit and feel just like the other styles, they just have the beautiful full-quill ostrich toes.

  2. Gleta M Gaddis says:

    Great photos of our beautiful Joshua Tree and your beautiful clothing and boots!! Happy New Year!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I have the Penny’s in black and I love them! Could you possibly do a blog showing different ways to wear this boot? I have a hard time styling with jeans. When I do it just doesn’t look right. Also where is your wrap from? Love the print -Thank you

    • Raquel says:

      Hi Jennifer! That’s a great idea. I will work on that. I feel like it just depends on the cut and style of the jeans. The wrap is from Istanbul, my sister-in-law bought it for me as a Christmas gift.

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