I haven’t been shopping in forever… What is wrong with me? Well I have been busy working on redesigning H & H, hopefully I will be revealing a new makeover in the upcoming week… But I managed to take some time out to lust over a store that I admire,
Rowdy Maui.

I’m pretty excited for what’s in store. I always want everything this store has, maybe it’s a reason to take a trip to Texas soon (wishful thinking). Online shopping is fun but you just have to experience some stores in person.

Rowdy Maui offers so many bright, colorful & fun pieces. You can get hand painted boots, shoes, artwork & more. Plus their t-shirts are oh so funky & fun!

The Vintage Enid Collins Purses are so fun. I love this one.

Oh, & then there are these shoes… I agree, shoes can change your life, your day, & your mood!

One day I will visit Rowdy Maui, for now I will window shop!

Photo Credits: Rowdy Maui
  • Kacie Leah

    What a lovely surprise this morning when I open up good ol' Facebook and find THIS! Thank you soooo much, we truly appreciate it! You ROCK! 🙂

  • Raquel

    Kacie ~ I hope to have a pair of painted boots or shoes sometime in the future ; ) I'm soo crushing on those wedges right now!!!

  • Sisters and Sisters

    So cool, what a great colours in the photos!

    H&C from Amsterdam

  • Kimberly

    so colorful so cute!

  • grace

    cool stores! cant wait to see the redesign!

  • i love the animal print boots!

  • I love your makeover. Everything looks so great.

    I haven’t been shopping in forever either. Beginning to think it is time for me to take some of that birthday money I got and hit the mall.

  • MM , wonderful , I have no patience for lunch time to come – I will definetely have pasta!

  • Tyrell Schnepf

    Saved being a favourite, I genuinely like your web site!